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Shout out: Feather Flyer · 7:01pm Jul 19th, 2015

Go follow Feather Flyer if you ship Sunset Shimmer with Twilight Sparkle.

Or indeed if you ship Sunset Shimmer with Sunset Shimmer. :raritywink:

She's so close to 100 followers.

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Vital! Man, I was wondering why so many people were following me! Thanks, buddy! Here's a follow! Also, I'm working on 'The Project' for the collab so it should be done soon.

Kohai noticed me! Where's my fainting couch? :raritystarry:

I try to be. You were one of two people I followed who I was disappointed didn't follow me back. Next I need to work on Tennis Match Fan. :rainbowdetermined2:

3252004 Oh yeah, sorry about that. :twilightblush: Sometimes I'm so busy I forget to do certain things. To be honest I thought I had followed you a long time ago! Lets hope Tennis Match Fan will follow you in return.

I have a plan to get her to follow me, but it's kind of a long term one. It'll be another seven months before I can put it into execution. Who knows, she might randomly start following me before then.

Anyway, :rainbowkiss::heart::pinkiecrazy:

I'm planning on writing a PinkieDash story soon. I have no idea what the plot will be though. Other than: Pinkie will be in it, Rainbow will be in it, there will be romance, but it will be T-rated so probably no sex, at least not described in any level of detail.

3252037 Hmm...Maybe I can help. Is it a EG story or pony story?

I don't even know. Seriously, what I said above is all I have for it so far! :rainbowlaugh:

3252060 WOW! What about a story in which Pinkie and Rainbow get trapped in a room? Like if it were an EG story, I would make it so they stayed at the school past dismissal and got locked in by the janitor. They had the whole school to themselves and Pinkie thought it would be a great idea to throw a Locked In School party while Rainbow was trying her best to get out. Then...ROMANCE HAPPENS! Somehow.

Locked in a room? I'll PM you and tell you why I'm not doing that.

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