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Adapting To Night: A Revelation Part 6 · 11:07am Jul 19th, 2015

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Comments ( 13 )

Wait, Vinyl's not wearing her glasses. :rainbowhuh: Does that mean her best friends, including Octavia, are aware of her vampire identity with the way her red eyes are glowing?

Also, what happened to Pinchy?! :raritydespair:

No they are not aware

3251345 So... does that mean her friends are only aware that Vinyl can do that with her eyes, without knowing her vampire identity, or is this something we as the audience can only see ourselves?

Her friends aren't looking in her direction so she is using her powers to try and sense danger

3251430 I had a feeling Vinyl was remaining vigilant in the tense situation she is in. So despite her friends looking the other way, could Vinyl control the glow in her eyes?

Oh crap he knows...:twilightoops:

I smell a brawl coming...

I have a feeling that these three have no clue who they are dealing with... (I have pretty specific headcannon about Vinyl (Vampire or not), Octavia, Lyra and Bon Bon and their combat abilities, and it doesn't include them being slouches) ^^;

I have to say though, still want to know what Derpy was trying to tell them a few strips back...

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