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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.

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New Game: Paint or Pony? · 5:12am Jul 19th, 2015

I recently had a chance to look at paint colors, and one thought stuck in my mind.

These sound like the names of background ponies.

So I decided to make a little quiz out of it. Below are thirty names. Can you identify which are colors of paint, and which are the names (official or fan-made) of ponies? Or could it be both?

Feel free to share this quiz!

Source for paint names: http://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-family/

Source for pony names: http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_ponies/full

Apple Cinnamon
Arctic Lily
Black Magic
Black Marble
Blue Horizon
Cold Front
Crabby Apple
Down Pour
Foggy Day
Golden Wheat
High Strung
Lavender Blush
Morning Glory
North Star
Oak Barrel
Peach Fuzz
Pinot Noir
Sapphire Rose
Spring Water
Starry Night

Answers are posted in the comments. How did you do?

Report Alaborn · 311 views · #Pony Names
Comments ( 6 )

Ambrosia Pony
Apple Cinnamon Pony
Arctic Lily Pony
Black Magic Paint
Black Marble Pony
Blue Horizon Paint
Cold Front Pony
Crabby Apple Paint
Daisy Both
Down Pour Paint
Foggy Day Paint
Golden Wheat Pony
High Strung Paint
Honeydew Paint
Lavender Blush Pony
Morning Glory Paint
North Star Paint
Oak Barrel Paint
Peach Fuzz Both
Pinot Noir Pony
Rosedust Paint
Sapphire Rose Pony
Snowdrop Paint
Spearmint Paint
Spring Water Pony
Starry Night Paint
Sunflower Both
Sunstone Pony
Symphony Pony
Toasty Paint

The obvious answer is that paint colors are a great source for pony names, along with candle fragrances, nail polish colors, and pretty much anything that has gotten sufficiently ridiculous.

3251337 I am definitely considering visiting Sherwin-Williams next time I need to name a pony.

This reminds me of that "Porn star name or my little pony name?" quiz I saw once. I think it was made during the G3 reign but the quiz still stands.

Snowdrop is fan char, and maybe Honeydew as well, but I'm not sure. They are also both names users on this site.

Toasty, Starry Night, Spearmint, North Star, Morning Glory, High Strung, and Blue Horizon are also users.

There is a Crab Apple, but no Crabby Apple.

Rosedust, Oak Barrel, Foggy Day, Down Pour, and oddly Black Magic do not have a matching user.

So really depending how far you take it regarding far chars many of the paints already are ponies as well.

3253192 The quiz ends up being harder for FIMFiction users due to the fan ponies!

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