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New SoarinDash Story · 11:56pm Jul 18th, 2015

I already caught the error I made when spelling months.

Short Description

After years of waiting, Soarin finally gets the guts to propose to Rainbow Dash. But will he succeed with Braeburn and Pinkie trying to help?

Well, hopefully it'll get somewhere.

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Comments ( 7 )

You know it's funny. I'm actually writing a SoarinDash story right now myself.

3249952 good luck

3249970 is that a problem? :ajbemused:

I didn't say it was, now did I? :ajsmug:

3249988 you were thinking/implying it.

3249983 Thanks. Should have it up by the last Tuesday of the month if you care to read it. As I write it though, I both regret everything and nothing. Weird concept out of nowhere.

Actually, I kept my big mouth shut. :ajsmug:

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