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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...

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    In Equestria's far past, when the Chaos lord ruled, in a fit of boredom he has summoned warriors and desperate souls from all of Equestria--from anywhere and anywhen they come to fight to the death in his Arena for their ultimate heart's desire.
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Discordian Games: Round 2... BEGINS! · 4:35pm Jul 16th, 2015

Hello, my admirers legion! Greetings, my worshipers aplenty. Your eternal king, Discord, here, just popping in for a moment to brighten up your pathetic lives.

So listen well.

I know you have been enjoying my little show, my humble Games. I certainly have! What a fascinating cast I managed to put together, wouldn't you say? So fierce. So vicious. So violent! Ooooh, I love it, but it'll only get even more desperate and bloody and tragic from here on out! After all, they owe us the very best entertainment their lives can buy.

So I've decided they've had enough of a break. Plus I'm sure they'd rather enjoy getting out of chaotic limbo, stretch their legs a bit. Break some skulls. As such, Round Two of my Games is officially on! I'll be sure to show the entirety of Equestria the results, but it'll take a little time. That's a lot of magic to organize, you understand.

Give it till your August 25th. That should be more than enough time to get through your fights, but as always serious situations can allow a pass. But I shan't be so lenient for lollygags this time, so hop to it. (Oh, and fighters, do put on a good show. We're looking for at least 6700 words, to a max around 7000; remember to explore those characters, give us some history, or, Celestia forbid, character development!)

As well, thanks to my boundless generosity, I have decided to heal any of the worst wounds you may have sustained during round one. They may leave some scars, but you'd never be as pretty as moi regardless, so who cares? You should feel as if you've had a fine night's rest, as well as a full meal. Though I can't promise you won't be a little 'sore in the morning', as it were. And those minor nicks and bruises you can certainly deal with. Nopony likes a whiner, yes?

That being said, I can certainly treat you to a sneak peak at exactly where the fighters will be duking it out. My last batch of battlefields were stupendously creative, and these are rather genius as well. So, without further ado...

Oh, silly Discord. You almost forgot the best part.

Throwing you together and making you fight to the death... That's entertainment, surely it is. But we can always spice that up! After all, I wouldn't want you participants to grow too bored. It mustn't be easy, that little prize, don't you agree?

So, for Round 2, beyond your opponent, beyond the field itself, I'm adding a little twist. Each battlefield will have its own little denizens, a little extra challenge to keep you moving, keep you thinking. They shall certainly make you feel at home. Or at least make you feel terrible, terrible pain. But I digress. These I think I shall make a little surprise to the public; rest assured you shall know them all too soon.

And now, I present to you, the battlefields!

Discordian Games: Round 2

Trailblazer & Surefooted vs Alcauto

The Million Mirrors

This area is comprised of almost nothing but mirrors. They form the walls, the ceilings, the floors. Even the peculiar furniture is built from brilliantly polished mirrors. The only thing breaking the endless reflections is a single, five foot wide silver pathway, that dips and twists through various rooms and caverns of unknowable geometry. But that often is lost in the myriad illusions cast by the mirrors. Endless scapes seem to be around every turn and it is often unclear where walls end and open spaces begin. Worse, the mirrors appear to delight some in tormenting travelers and seem to be able to appear solid or become as air--while maintaining their reflections--at a whim. Terrors beyond simply getting lost, however, can be found, as the mirrors’ wills almost seem to control those images within them. But is this a true danger, or simply the illusion of a million million images bounced back eternally?

Arcanum vs Thunder Hammer

The Palace of Paranoia

This decadent place is reminiscent of a fine royal palace, and those with a keen eye will see that it is clearly dedicated to the alicorn, Princess Celestia. Scenes from Equestria’s history, emblazoned on tapestries, line the walls; thick, colourful carpets soften the steps on every floor; beautiful works of art of all shapes and sizes are placed just so between impeccable plants. Even the halls and chambers themselves are examples of master stonemasons, perfectly carved and placed for the utmost in sound structure and aesthetic value. However, upon closer inspection not all is as it seems. Faint noises and shadows seem to distort the view, and the paths seem to lead nowhere or turn in endless circles. There is no logic to the rooms’ shape or size. Here, nightmares seem to slowly become real, turning and twisting the hopes and dreams, fears and worries of passersby upon themselves. Friends and enemies alike may seem to morph and change, becoming illusory shadows of that which you fear the most. Nor will the most positive of thoughts be a comfort, as that which is dear and treasured may turn out to be the most dangerous thing at all. Worse is the fact that it is not entirely clear if this is the work of the field itself...or of something more terrible within.

Grey Tiercel vs Arika

The Rusty Rail Ravine

This battlefield is comprised of a deep, deep chasm, crisscrossed by a myriad of train tracks, most of which are rusty and in bad repair. The chasm is seemingly endless, with steep, rough rock walls. Strangely, no matter how deep one goes, there is always light, though dark ‘patches’ do exist that seem as black as night. Many of the rails are stacked somewhat like a game of Pick-Up-Sticks--individual rails lying this way and that, piled on top of one another forming makeshift bridges, as if thrown into the ravine by some powerful force. However, many are still paired and connected by railroad ties. Some lead from one side of the ravine to the other, entering and exiting tunnels--these are incredibly dangerous, as highspeed, out of control trains can emerge at any moment. The ravine itself is evenly spaced, roughly twenty to thirty feet wide; however, it can expand to as far as one hundred feet or contract as close as five. The rails themselves are deceptively sturdy, with many so rusty that the lightest touch can send them tumbling down into dust. Railslides are common as they continue to corrode and fall, creating an avalanche of stone and rusty metal which is incredibly lethal. The accelerated rusting seems to be caused by yet another hazard: flash acid rain falls. These deluges of deadly liquid pour from the sky at random, washing over the metal and eating it away.

Kakumei vs Zephyr

The Webby Waterways

This area is a massive series of cisterns, aqueducts and endless pipes that are constantly filling, draining, and moving around pure, fresh water. Remaining alert is key, as there is little to no method to which rooms will be filled or empty at any given time. Currents can be swift, but are often somewhat safe as the rooms are largely free from obstructions, simply being smooth, polished stone. Sizes can vary to all sorts of extremes, and some rooms may even remain dry for days or longer. Swimming within the waters are a multitude of gelatin fishes, which eke out their own food chain similar to a real ocean. The ultimate danger lies in the native alpha predator. A master hunter, brooding here for some time. They infest the deepest levels, spinning their deadly traps for the fish, but often catching larger prey.

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