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Apologies, Venting, and Ideas from a Missing Author · 6:05pm Jul 15th, 2015

Well, I guess I'd start with an apology for being absent and also for continuing to do so. I'm pretty much busy and have little time to work on my stories, which sucks because for some reason, being idle in writing is just giving me more ideas for stories which I am pretty sure I won't be able to write anytime soon. To make it worse, these stories have either little to do with My Little Pony, or incorporating stuff from the way way future of the Gentlemanverse timeline.

In fact, I'm not even sure if I should write the ideas I have in this blog, considering it's pretty much useless to those that follow me here. I guess it's more of a vent. Maybe if I get this out, it won't bother me too much. Then again, it may just make me actually want to write drafts.

Hmmm... time to open Panadora's Box then.

Anyone read or seen Prison School? Well, I was browsing the rather non-work safe (Yeah, yeah, it's NSFW, but I like to be original) areas when this little bit popped up. It was tagged as Non-H, so I was curious. Most of the pictures depicted a blonde woman in glasses with gigantic boobs with a whip, sitting on the face of some unlucky (or lucky, depending on your tastes) dude. Yeah, she was wearing clothes. Well, a skirt and stockings, and a school uniform. But whatever.

I saw it was an anime, so, I figured, well, why the fuck not, right? So, I watched it online, and unsurprisingly, it was an ecchi series revolving around five male students that got in a ex-female-exclusive school, the Hachimitsu Private Academy. Being typical of their age, they get caught peeping. Okay, maybe this is more typical in anime/manga. I have never seen guys in my high school being perverted as a typical ecchi anime male. Maybe if the circumstances were the same as the series depicts, I probably would have experienced this crowd (though probably not as over the top). Who knows, maybe I would have been one of them.

Heh. Young Demon Eyes Laharl was a damn horny guy.

... okay, I'm still a horny guy, but I do have boundaries. Being attracted to non-human aliens are not part of the boundaries, though. However, peeping is a boundery. Maybe.

Fuck, I'm digging myself a hole, aren't I?

Anyway, these five dudes get a hard introduction to the school's rather draconic punishment culture. In the middle of the school, covered by a small woodland area, is a prison building. They get sent there for a month. Any attempts to escape the gates surrounding the area (gates they had to build by hand, I have to add) will add longer prison terms. After a certain amount of offenses, they'll get expelled.

Okay, so typical right? Except this series has some really high fetish fuel. Femdom seemed to be the dominant fetish of the series. After the first episode, I was like, okay, typical anime, male fantasy setting, nice character design. What got to me though was its surprising humor. I laughed a lot at the boys and the USC (which serve as their prison guards) antics as well. I said, hey, I can watch this. After all, this sounded like a less fantastical High School DxD, with more realistic (barring breast sizes; seriously, I met only a handful of teens of my highschool with D-Cups and Beyond; and barring those hips too) character design, and less light hearted, even with the humor.

So, I read the manga. I was pleasantly surprised that a majority of its arcs were basically Prison Break, with hijinks, comedy, and lots of character discovery, growth, and interaction. The five male characters had forged into a fragile friendship, each with their own agendas and allies. My favorites were two of the males being like a Light-type of character, with a different alignment. The way they overturned the tables against the USC, despite the overwhelming odds against them was something to be seen. Never have I seen such a funny Xanatos speed-chess used with such devastating effect.

And boy, what the fucking hell as well. Remember me talking about high fetish fuel? As the series goes on, it ups the ante by a considerable lot. How high? Well, the latest chapters was showing signs of shipping of one of the male prisoners, Kiyoshi Fujino, and the USC Secretary (who is one scary martial artist) named Hana Midorikawa. Normal, right? Except the ship began to sail with her 'baptizing' the guy. Though I'm partial to a lot of fetish (yes, this one can be included, though at small amounts), the fact that there was one chapter dedicating the soliloquy of the one being baptized as he felt himself slowly falling in love with her. His imagination ran wild on the thought of living his life with the said girl who was baptizing him with her Medusa's tears (yes, he named her womanhood Medusa for the reason that by gazing at it, it turned things to stone) in the future, only to realize at the end, that he was basically just been peed on, and was absolutely confused at the flowery poems that went through his head. In rage, he demanded to know if that was what she had wanted, to humiliate him, to make him feel like this towards her. Her reply was to quietly come to him, pin him gently on the bed, and kissed him before leaving, leaving him utterly, and hilariously confused.

A lot of you probably won't get the humor of this. Indeed, without knowing the character interaction of the two before this happened, it sounds like a basic ecchi manga going extreme. Trust me, a lot of things happened between this two characters that ultimately came to that part of the scene, lending a lot of dark comedy to it. And yeah, it's definitely a lot of heavy ecchi, borderline hentai. It's utterly confusing how funny, dark, and arousing the series could be, considering the premise.

So, why talk about this series at all? Well, that's partially because one of my story ideas uses this series as a base of the fanfiction. My idea was replacing one of the boy's (the one that had a Light-type of victorious grin when he basically told the USC they lost the gambit to get them expelled) history. Of all the four male characters, canon-wise, Kiyoshi Fujino was the least broken (well, least until he got baptized, but he got better in another hilarious followup chapter of the manga). So, I figured, why not have him broken in a different way?

My idea was having him lose his parents at an early age, found by a pack of criminals who use his innocent looks to bait future victims. One day, they baited a wrong victim, leaving the gang devastated. Just when the boy thought he was done for as well, their would-be victim, a rich, sensual woman, basically adopted him (for nefarious reasons that will be revealed in future chapters of the fanfic). He still goes to Hachimitsu Private Academy, though this time, not alone. He goes with his adopted sister. He is utterly devoted to her, calling her his Queen. She in turn is also devoted to him, calling him Enkidu.

Those that know their myth lore, you should know where I got the name from. Or those that are Type-MOON fans. Anyone know what I could use as a nice female variant of the name Gilgamesh?

So, what will the fanfic be about? Well, I envisioned the beginning as relatively the same, except that Kiyoshi never joined the other peeping boys. The President of the USC Mari Kurihara, made the mistake of still putting Kiyoshi to prison, which made his adopted-sister move, and try to have him released. The bad thing is that both Mari and Female-Gilgamesh-Replacement (FGR) are extremely arrogant and hard-headed, which resulted in butting heads. Mari then had her vice president, Meiko Shiraki (the whip girl with humongous ballistics) solely target Kiyoshi, which resulted in FGR affronted that some low-born had the audacity to hurt her brother/best-friend/lover/treasure (yes, it's a weird relationship, which gets weirder as chapters go by), and ultimately having a showdown that includes blackmail, public-shaming, Xantaos Gambits and Speed-chess.

It's dark, hopefully funny, and maybe a tinge erotic. The weird thing? It fits perfectly with Prison School canon. Like I said, the series is weird in that regard.

Now that I'm done with that, what other ideas do I have? Well, these are mostly non-fanfiction.

I have a rather atypical romance centered around an older man, who is a decent lolicon/maybe-pedophile. He certainly has leanings towards the latter, but has enough self-control (or sanity) to know that it's utterly wrong for him to act it out in the real world. The other side of this romance is a legal-aged loli, cursed with the genes of looking young gotten from the father (who is a thrity-ish man that looks and has a height of a thirteen year old) and a really filled-out mother (I felt it's too cliched to have a loli mother in this mix). She curses the fact that she can't find any decent guys who can date her, unless they had certain leanings which are utterly reprehensible in the real world, and meets this older gentleman who tugged at her heartstrings.

Misunderstandings, learnings of each others faults, and very controversial idea of what makes maturity in humans, the view if a older woman is okay dating a really young-looking guy opposed to an older man dating a really young-looking woman, and the limit that should be set on it. As you can see, this fiction has a lot of problems to overcome, and I don't think I'm ready to deal with such a hot topic. Its definitely got some dark undertones, maybe some comedy, and will utterly split the readership to those that love it and hate it.

Anyone want a go at this idea?

This one, I'd rather not put out. Why? Because it reflects on my mood the past few months. Anyone in my Skype knows my tag: "World is getting darker." This idea reflects that to a degree which not even my Prison School fanfic idea can't touch.

The story revolves around a woman married with a guy with anterograde amnesia. Okay, so it's like 50 First Dates, right? Yeah. Except the woman has an extreme dark fetish. She's a rapist. A horrible human being that toys with her husband, thinking of scenarios almost everyday to utterly humiliate and rape him. The sad fact is, she loves him. Or at least, in her own fucking twisted way.

And the guy doesn't even know it. He wakes up every single day, sometimes living as a happily-surprised husband (they married after he got anterograde amnesia), other times as a someone who is being victimized by some unknown sadist of a woman.

Yeah. Good luck trying to turn that to a decent story without anyone calling a psychologist. I'm actually a little sickened that these idea came to me. I mean, I can still turn this to a somewhat dark comedy, lessen the impact. However, unlike 50 First Dates, the main character is an absolute monster, who hasn't got caught because of her husband's convenient amnesia, and because she hadn't gotten bored with him yet to find another victim. Worst, I realized that having a monstrous female character would be more readable than if I switched the genders.

Maybe that's why I'm not writing now. The darker mood coming to me isn't something I want to infect my world building. Imagine the catastrophe that would cause.

Well, that was a long blog. Hopefully, no one got bored with it, and I really hope no one called the crazy-police on me.

Anyway, I enjoyed the comic-con trailer of Batman v Superman: DoJ, and Suicide Squad (though still really leery of that version of Joker). My kittens are growing up nicely, I utterly love Nightwish's new album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and enjoying Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works series.

I'll end up with a video of √Član, the whimsical, hopeful, yet sad song of Nightwish's EFMB.

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There is NSFW outside of My Little Pony? I need to expand my horizons, don't I? Or maybe not, there are a lot of background ponies out there... :pinkiecrazy:

Nightwish is freaking awesome. That is all.

The story revolves around a woman married with a guy with anterograde amnesia. Okay, so it's like 50 First Dates, right? Yeah. Except the woman has an extreme dark fetish. She's a rapist. A horrible human being that toys with her husband, thinking of scenarios almost everyday to utterly humiliate and rape him. The sad fact is, she loves him. Or at least, in her own fucking twisted way.



Yeah... it has been a weird few months. :ajsleepy:

Humanity has the gift of creating horrific universes... and calling them stories. XD


Yes. Yes they are. :heart:

*quietly reaches for the crazy-police red phone*

Life shit is life shit. It sucks that we have to wait, but at the same time, It's nice that you keep us in the loop.


:pinkiecrazy: Hope you have enough budget for international calls.

And no using Skype! That's cheating!


Hopefully I'll have something soon.

3240732 Here's hopeing. See ya at the next update / apology blog. :trollestia:

..........*Raises hand* Da'Fuck have you been smoking and.... Can I have a little? :duck:

Oh, good! You're alive! After all my IM's, PM's, texts, tweets, emails, snaps, calls, letters, telegrams, and pings went unanswered I was getting worried. Now I can safely cut them back to pre-disappearance levels of stalkingdom? :rainbowwild:

Where's the TLDR?


Haven't smoked anything except my usual vape. And those ideas came before that.


Huh? You did? I'll check it out once I finally get to sign in Skype.


It's a little hard to answer why some people are aroused by it. I can guess it has to do with a lot of factors. Main is the more animalistic side of us, probably left over from thousands of years of evolution. Then there's the fact that the society of whole made the whole peeing act as a private moment, and thus watching it can attribute to an intimate aspect. Then there's also the typical worship of the vagina, and watching it do its job could be part of it. Maybe it's the three of those combined. Whatever the case, I was more laughing at it instead of being aroused because the chapter was well written, and the drawings used a lot of imagery than blunt showing of the act. It made the whole thing as subtle as a silenced gun... not that silenced, but still not too loud to rupture eardrums.


Don't write those cause I'm more original. :rainbowwild:


Oh, it's not that bad. I was just being silly.

Though I did leave you a present for when you get some time. No hurry though, because I don't have the time to get to it either (you'll understand when you see it).

What the hell did I jest read?


loljk :rainbowlaugh:


Something good, something bad, maybe a little bit more on the latter, though.


I never really got that reference. What the hell is a Hipster?

3246860 A hipster is a person who does things that nobody else does (and avoids doing things that everybody else does - even if it's normal), just to be a non-conformist. And they think that they are better than other people because of it.


I was only joking, of course :twilightsmile:


>.> Huh. Well, to be a non-conformist is pretty much natural. I mean, it's fun to explore things not a lot of people do.

Thinking they are better than others though seems more like an asshole than anything.

So, Hipsters are non-conformist assholes? XD

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