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    I had it on Hiatus but I made the adjustments, the HUGE problems anyway. I'm sure there's stuff in there I missed, so let me know if that's the case. Anyway, I finally have an editor and I'm getting the new chapters checked through him. We'll see where this goes!

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    I have to put Invasion on Hiatus until I get around to fixing the many issues with it. Until then I have a new project, but it's not pony related so I wont be on FiMFiction for a while. Oh well, sometimes shit needs fixing.

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    Well, I disappeared for a while but i'm back and I have news. The bad news is I'm putting Alexi's Journey on hold for a long time. The good news is I have decided to put Invasion on FimFiction. Some of you might remember I had a promo for that. Well I have 7 chapters of it done, on deviantART. So If you'd like to read it, they will be posted there first THEN posted here. However, I wanted to see

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    New Fanfic Promo

    Sorry it's been taking so long. Here's a promo of the new fanfic. Invasion


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    Clop Warnings

    I added a few clop warnings to Hooves and Hands so that people who read for story don't have to endure the clop. There are now warning labels that read

    (WARNING: Clop ahead!)

    This states there will be clop in the following paragraphs. For those who want to get back to the story without having to read, there is an ending statement

    -Insert Clop Here-

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New Fanfic Promo · 11:50pm Jul 27th, 2012

Sorry it's been taking so long. Here's a promo of the new fanfic. Invasion

In the throne room, Armanii was pacing, back and forth, holding the radio in his hand. With Discord captured, who knows what the Talomanzans could accomplish…Hopefully Discord could cause serious problems for them, but it was unlikely, the Talomanzans were always experts on torture…

The radio was blasting on full volume, with all the scientists collaborating on what it was that had come through the portal. Lions Paw, Eagles claw, one tooth, it was defiantly Discord, but nothing of importance to their plans. He continued to listen, but was abruptly interrupted by 6 ponies, and the 2 princesses.

“Discord’s been captured.” Announced Princess Celestia “Your plan backfired.”

“I know that!” Armanii snapped back.

“Hey, there’s no need to be snappy.”

Armanii sighed, “Yeah, it didn’t exactly go according to plan…”

“What exactly was your plan? Because from what I see, this is going to destroy us.”

“My GOAL, princess, was to have Discord scare the army away, or distract them so we could…well…kill them with what I had. Apparently the captain had other plans…”

“What exactly ARE those plans?” Twilight asked in concern.

“I don’t know, but with Discord they have that extra boost in power, I doubt it will be long before their next action.”

“What can they do with Discord?”

“They can torture him, force him to do their bidding…they are very good at that.”

Luna chimed in.

“Discord is not one to just give up to anypony. I have faith….”

Armanii interrupted her angrily.



“I will address people however I damn well please! I am your only help here!”

“Your plans have done nothing but cause us harm! They backfire and we always end up paying for it! This is by far the worst! I can’t believe we actually thought you could help!” yelled Rainbow Dash

They stood and argued with each other, when suddenly an unfamiliar voice came across the radio. They silenced each other as Armanii listened to the foreign voice.

Masheh, druug nahchem arcolla?”

Siivii, gluu zvah juus. Maakah vhuz Discordia qaz okram.”

Masheh, oploo hjai veq?”

Irei, yori qwer oporanii…koleg sialo

Armanii dropped the radio in shock, koleg sialo, WHY KOLEG SIALO? He paced the floor rapidly talking to himself.

“No…no no no no no no NO! Why koleg sialo….why here….”

The ponies looked at him with a puzzled look.

“What does that mean?” Twilight asked, trying to calm him down.

No response, he didn’t hear her, so she spoke a little louder.

“What does that mean?” but still no answer

Rainbow Dash flew up to him, trying to get his attention.

“Hey, what does koleg sialo mean?”

This time he ignored her, continuing on with his rant.

Princess Celestia walked up to him and said in a sweeter tone…

“Mr. Sve what does koleg sialo mean?”

He heard her this time, oh yeah he defiantly heard her, but he ignored her, he didn’t want them to know, he was still trying to cope with what had been said.

Princess Luna was frustrated now, she had had enough, in her royal Canterlot voice she shouted.


Armanii spun around with a look of anger on his face, he looked strait into the eyes of the princess and screamed…



This is NOT the finished scene, and upon requests I will release more promos for this new fic. It won't be posted until the completion of Alexi's Journey. Any feedback on this scene as it stands would be nice. Hope you enjoyed this and that you look forward to seeing the finished product. Happy reading!

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