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Tomorrow · 5:55am Jul 15th, 2015

By: Brickbrock24

At the end of the day, I let my mind wander,
Thinking about what secrets tomorrow could hold.
"What will happen next?" is a question I ponder.
Will my fate be a delight or will it be cold?

Exploring the next day, it can be quite a fright!
For fate tends to be mischievous and fickle.
Tomorrow may ensure that my future is bright,
Or it can put me in a terrible pickle!

Is it possible to trust fate? How should I know?
The future doesn't make promises, none at all!
I can't guarantee what challenges fate will throw,
Nor can I foresee what will rise and what will fall.

Today's a new day. Whatever will the turnout be?
Will my life be changed? Will I die?
What will I do? What will I learn? What's will I see?
I can't answer that, no matter how hard I try!

Sometimes I wish I could see ahead in my life,
Like a fortune-teller gazing into my mind.
But if I could see things such as my future wife,
Exactly what thrills would be in my life to find?

Not knowing what lies ahead, it makes me fell blind.
But I must brave the new day, no matter how vile!
Today, fate may not have been too terribly kind,
But tomorrow might give me a reason to smile!

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