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101 Fun Facts · 10:40pm Jul 14th, 2015

Alright, so I'm stuck on the short story again that I'm working on... So I'll do something else. For each one of my followers, I'm going to do one thing that is silly about me. Ready? Alright, here we go.

1. I sleep with a rainbow stuffy. Her name is Shurburt. And I treasure her... pretty highly. I got her when I was 10 at a garage sale after begging for it for three years every time we went shopping.

2. I dream in series. I can basically sum all my dreams up in a few categories, for many of them are more of episodes, than stand alone stories. Three in particular stand out, Ooladada (where I'm a writer INSIDE the story... trying to make it work (started age five), The Wood Children. Where I'm one of 10 children who have turned into things of the forest after coming upon a wicked which's house in the woods. (I'm a Bluebird)(Age 9) And the Cowgirl Princess... This one is the reverse of most Cowboy and Indian stories. Where it's the white men who were originally in America, living with our culture, and the Indians show up and round us off into plantations. (Age 11)

3. I can't eat apples. Now this one has most people just staring at me like I grew a third arm. But it's quite simple really, Genetics are interesting things, and in the apple there is a chemical that does one of two things, It either makes you really ful, or REALLY hungry. I get to the point where I'm eating EVERYTHING and it takes 5-10 hours for me to fully get past it. Cooking the apples makes it worse.

4. I'm Ambidextrous, both handed. I when I was little was left, encountered someone who... Was a little intimidated by it, to avoid the comments I learned to use my right. Now days I mostly use my right, but I can do anything with either hand. Left is just a tad slower.

5. I'm an Ambivert. I'm more on the introverted side, but I flux.

6. I hate kisses. :ajbemused: nuf said. I decided that at two, and haven't changed my mind yet.

7. I'm afraid of tall buildings.

I was four... I've never gotten past it.

8. I'm afraid of elevators.... I'm afraid I'm going to get stuck in the door... Note to self, when Mom says 'don't watch the horror show' I probably shouldn't. (Age 11)

9. I am an unsoclilzed home schooler... for the most part.

10. These are really hard.

11. I like eating plain lemons. (have since I was little)

12. I eat sticks of butter. (Salted of course)

13. Favorite meal. Guacamole on Tortillas... with extra garlic.

14. I started sneaking coffee when I was five.

15. I count when I'm upset.

16. I play four instruments.

17. I started playing the Violin because all good Cowgirls should.

18. I won my first fiddle, when I was 7 on an Ebay auction.

19. In Glitter and mine's MLP stories with the Pony Tails ponies, Sparkle Works was a boy.

20. A Pony love was the queen of all horses, and Royal Ribon was the queen of the Ponies. (And come to find out that pony was in only a couple seconds of the real show! :rainbowlaugh:)

21. I've played the Gamesoft MLP game for the entire time the show has been running, however, I did not know any of them had a story behind them until that point.

22. The bumble bee pony was my favorite at seven.

In my world, she was fast, and spunky. But Very sweet and caring at the same time. (I was seven, don't ask how my mind made that one work.)

23. I used to spend all my days playing with horses. And have almost 200 figurines of many different brands and types. From plastic, to crystal.

24... I'm a horse nut. And have been my entire life. :twilightsheepish:

25. I was 18 Months old the first time I met a horse, I started running towards it while my elder sister grabbed the back of my shirt screaming. "No VK, NO! It'll eat you! It'll EAT you."

26. I was my mom's slowest child in learning.

27. I was also the most independent and never asked for help. :pinkiecrazy:

28. I'm a whole lot more crazy in writing, than I am in real life.

29. My favorite thing to do as a family is the sour note opera. Where I try to hit the correct note, while the rest of the family makes me sound bad. :rainbowlaugh::scootangel:

30. On my mom's blog, my name is Song.

31. The reason why I didn't choose that here, was because it is kind of overdone.

32. The nickname VK was first used to refer to me when I was 13 years old by my aunt. Before that, I was Miss V.

33. I was born on my Parent's Seventh anniversary. :pinkiehappy: The one day Dad told me I couldn't be born on. :trollestia:

34. I have a Great Uncle who was also born that day.

35. I actually can't hear rythem contencely. Which is why many of my poems fall apart.

36. I didn't even know I could write poetry, but failed that chapter year after year till I was in 5th grade. Then suddenly I did it. and Nobody is quite sure how, including myself.

37. I don't learn gradually. I either get it or I don't... I've been taught things time after time for years... then one day MONTHS after learning it, I get it and I own it.

38. My parents met in a library.

39. I can't do jig saw puzzles. Get me to 100, and that's it. I've once been able to put together a 125... But that took well over an hour.

40. Wisteria was the pony that introduced me to MLP. I was fascinated by the colors.

41. Somewhere in my stack of notebooks in my room, I have a bucket list of things to do before I die.

42. I don't know what's on it, or where it is.

43. I go to church smaller than the number of followers I have.

44. I don't think I'd know what to do if I found myself in a room fuller than 100 people....

45. I've never played games during game time during any summer event, or during AWANA. My asthma would act up and I'd end up having a treatment. So I'd chat with the teachers on the side.

46. I'm more comfortable talking with people 2 years older, or 2 years younger than myself, rather than my own age group. I simply don't know how to interact.

47. My best friend was an experiment on if I could make new friends.

48. I'm actually more of a follower, than a leader...

49. Funny happening. The day I sat down at my computer, couldn't find my mouse, then looked at the screen to find the courser racing across back, and forth... My sister was using it as a car on a car mat.

50. I like world building more than writing.

51. We are half way done.

52. I've ran around the yard twice, and been shopping while writing this list.

53. I like Mocas! :raritystarry:

54. Even during the winter, I prefer my coffee cold.

55. Actually tepid is my favorite. Mostly because that's how it was when I was 11 and 12 sneaking the stuff.

56. My dream is to live on a 100 Acer ranch.

57. I've actually only worked with cows a couple of times in my life.

58. My favorite colors are pink and blue.

59. I hate black... and yet most of what I own is black.

60. I only have 7 pairs of shoes... but don't ask about my hat collection, It strings almost half way around my room, and my winter hats are not even hanging up.

61. Let's not go into my Vest collection... It's bigger.

62. I never wear shorts. But I have made many pairs of caperees.

63. Favorite job on the farm is mucking the stalls.

64. Least favorite. Cooking.

65. When I was little, If you couldn't find me check the barn.

66. Now? just stay where you are... I'll find you when I'm ready to come out. I can be ANYWHERE.

67. When I was 2, my nickname was "great Vandeenie." Because I was really good at getting out of things.

68. My family is a family of runners.

69. I've not run a race since I was 11.

70. The reason why I'm struggling with producing my own music, is because in the back of my head, if you aren't from bible times, it's not allowed to be done. :facehoof: Translation, I'm to modern to do it.

71. The thing that startles me most, is when a guy admits he's afraid of things... Despite the fact I KNOW they can be, still it's kind of hard for me to... wrap my mind around that fact.

72. Please and Thank you are two words that are not really in my vocabulary. Just not there. I have to be reminded the words exist. Not that I'm not grateful, but I'm not verbal about it. I view them as frivolous words that expend unnecessary valuable energy.

73. Another thing I struggle with wrapping my mind around, Is how can someone not love learning? I just don't get it.

74. I collect Chinese fans... And Japanese.

75. pennies. This is the amount of money that was my allowance till just recently. Per month.

76. I forget the floor exists when cleaning.

77. I'm a hoarder, but it's all in boxes.

78. For my birthday, I got a staple gun... But it forgot it's staples.

79. It takes me ALL DAY to watch an episode of MLP, or anything else. I just can't sit still that long.

80. And if it's an hour long one, It can take two days.

81. I'm highly active.

82. I am cold till it hits 80F. Then I'm too hot.

83. I learned to say 'Paleontologist' before I figured out how to say Ruth. I said Ut. :twilightblush: 'Grandma' turned into 'anaw'

84. I think I was more excited than anything, but I still struggle with the 'gr' 'pr' 'ng' and the word pacific... Don't ask how it comes out. I normally just avoid it completely.

85. That moment when your 7 year old cousin is wearing a shirt you out grew a year ago.... Yeah, I'm tiny.

86. I can think of more of these when outside running, than I can remember after I sit down.

87. I tend to run into things when out in public... I tend to run into things at home.... I just zone out... and run into things. (Thinking along the same lines as Gummy thinks)

88. I never thought I'd ever get more than 20 likes... on anything I wrote. Didn't think it was good enough.

89. I'm allergic to sting stop.

90. Just to be different, I eat butter bread upside down. :rainbowwild:

91. If I don't know a song in church. I read the words and sign along. (I'm pretty fluent in ASL)

92. If I'm nervous when out in public. I forget I can talk and just sign... Talk about AWKWARD!

93. I was 14 before I got a chance to work with a guy my own age... I had the girls ROLLING with me trying to ask something. And the guys were trying to disappear. Don't ask, I told you I was unsocialized. :facehoof::facehoof: Finally one of the girls stepped in and taught me how to do it... I was on Luna level of awkward on that one.

94. I'm really afraid most of these arn't funny... Or interesting.

95. Favorite trick to get through Writers block. I pull out my stuffed horse collection. And let them argue their way through it. Each one of my stuffies has a personality category. And then I tell the who they are to play and let them go... Don't ask how. I almost never let people catch me doing it. :fluttershyouch:

96. There are days that even I don't know my true self... so it's hard for people to truly get to know me. I've just got so many faces...

97. My bedroom is decorated for Christmas year round. Why? Linky.

98. It also makes Christmas, with the crafts, and the wrapping, and the decorating... a whole lot easier. My stuff always comes last, which means it sometimes never happens.

99. I've never thrown away a card in my life... Even if all it says is 'thank you' on it. I'm afraid of offending the person.

100. The scarriest thing that ever happened to me, was the day I was walking home from the barn, heard a noise and saw a cougar above my head.

It wasn't full grown... but it wasn't a baby either... Don't worry, it ran away from me when I started whooping and hollering.

101. The coolest thing that ever happened to me, was when I got interviewed at a town event by the news cast. THEN! Got on TV. :raritystarry::coolphoto: I'm still known amongst that news cast. :moustache:

And I did it! I can't believe I did it! Alright, some of them don't actually count... :twilightsheepish: but hey, 101 is a lot. Whether it be facts, or followers.


Cowgirl Out.

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Comments ( 30 )

Interesting facts. You were on tv? I'm so jealous of you! :raritystarry:

3239096 I have been on TV! Once interviwed... more times just there.

Chinese fans... And Japanese.

You must have a big Chinese and Japanese fan club. :trollestia: I'm just kidding.
What kind of interview. For what reason? Just curious.

3239144 I was interviewed at a independence day party that the governor attended. They wanted a teenager viewpoint.

Abut 20 or so. I prefer them lagit... so it is rare I get one.

Oh well your lucky! XD

3239268 My special number is seven... I could probably do a 101 7s in my life post... Never counted them up, but they are everywhere.

16. Me too! :scootangel: do you mind if I ask what they are?
39. That's actually not bad. I currently have a 1000 piece on the go... haven't touched it in months... every now and then I look at it and ask, " what the hell did I get myself into.." :facehoof:
43. My church is around 100 people
44. Keep calm and carry on! :scootangel:
Biggest group of people I have been in front of performing was 1500 people. Me and 5 friends played music at out graduation ceremony just last month.
46. I'm the same way, generally. Unless of course it's friends and such. I'm sure this has something to do with pressure and knowing that these people are the same age as you, and they may be judging you. Or something along those lines...
I don't know. I have like 5 friends my age (not the same 5 I played music with) The rest are older...
57. I have, indirectly, worked with cows on one occasion. It was filming a music video on 2 friends of mine's farm (twins). It was for a french language arts project. The one cow we were using wanted to play, and she was hopping and running around. She ran at me twice. That was fun...
60. Thats alot of hats, I only have 1... that I bought in Amsterdam... for 100$...
70. I don't quite understand this one... what do you mean by "too modern for it"?
82. 80°F? That's 27°C. Way to hot for me. I'm comfortable with 10-15°C, which is around 55°F, or sometimes even lower. It's that Canadian weather, but we have still been hitting 80°F lately... it is not fun...

3239588 16Violin, recorder, Harmonica, And piano

39, well, since I have a friend, who is 7 putting together 1k pieces. I am a tad annoyed. I know a girl who is 4 putting together 100 pieces. It's berating is all.

43, I just started going to one with almost 1k I think. But I've only been there twice now. Not comfortable with the size.

44 Stand in a corner, and hope nobody runs into you... I know, I just don't do as well.

That is a lot... I doubt I could ever perform in a crowd that large.

46That could be it. I am a year late graduating, And I have always been in the 20th percentile foe size.

57 :rainbowlaugh: That is cute.

60...yeah most girls buy shoes, I buy hats... I have actually perged the collection a time or two.

70, I grew up listening to classical music... that is the only stuff that was played in church, therefore I got it stuck in my head that post WW1... or something, an invisible line was drawn and people were no longer allowed to write music.... Somehow, I think my Grandpa was involved. It wouldn't be the first time he convinced me of something out of this world.

82. Now that is just plain COLD! Burr. That is bundle up!

But around here, temperature can be 100F or higher. That is what is hot.

3240765 It is very possible. Very, Very, Very rare, but possible. My mom also struggles with it. Most diets don't work for us, because that chemical is one of the main ingredients. So for everyone else, it works in helping to subdue hunger, for us, it makes it TONS worse.

Yeah. That is how it is. For many of them some it's a simple happy birthday... I did finally throw away my two music box cards... the music box part broke. And it was grating. But I keep most of them so I can sit down and read them when I'm upset, or missing the person.

3240820 It was mostly a card, but it played music. The pink one I didn't like so much, but I loved the pirate one that played the POC theme music. (Pirates of the Cara- carabe...I cant' say it. or spell it.)

3240835 Yep, there it is. Cant' spell that word. :twilightsheepish:

3240844 :rainbowlaugh: You know that was improptto! That was SO not scripted. Hense the reactions. That was HONEST reactions. "Uh... What are you doing?" :rainbowlaugh:

3240863 I really doubt it. But oh man that's reinacted in our yard ALL THE TIME! We have sand... and we have jars... Boys fill it up... then we have Jack sparrow in the yard.


16. I see. Mine are guitar, bass, percussion (drum kit, or pretty much any percussion instrument) and piano. But If we are counting recorder, that would make 5, I bet i could relearn it pretty quick.

39. You know what? That's just straight up impressive... that's all I have to say...

44. Like I said, just stay calm, you're just another person in the room to everyone else.
If you spend all your time worrying about how it can go wrong, you'll be too caught up to think about how it can go right. That's what I do.
Like that one song by Bob Marley, 3 little birds. Every little thing is gonna be alright :twilightsmile:

60. Haha, that's awesome! I love hats :moustache:
Felt hats. Fedoras, bowler hats, etc.
My current hat is kind of like a fedora, but with a stetson kind of style to it.

70. I think I get it. So any newly written church music wasn't considered proper? Or is this refering to all types of music?

82. If you think that's cold, try -40°C in winter, which converts evenly to -40°F. Now THAT is cold :twilightoops:


16. I have- No talent when it comes to rythem. LOL Recorder is not very good. It's been years since the last time I had a lesson. Piano and Violin are my main. I've always wanted to learn to play guitar though.

39. Yeah. It really is.

44. Never heard that song. I try to remember that, but it gets hard.

60. Hats are amazing! Really can add to an outfit.

70. That's about it. It wasn't till I was 13 and first admitted to my Violin teacher that I wrote songs... Talk about culture shock to me. He started introducing me to other song writers in his church... It took a while for that concept to sink in.

82. Eh, no. Moist cold 17F is too cold. I'm told it's like -20F dry cold. As far as cold goes, I don't mind it in the 60s but I don't like being colder than that.


16. Anyone can learn rhythm. Although for some it's easier then others. The best way to practice it, is with a metronome. And play along and work on anticipating.
Guitar is my favorite. Classic rock, country, classical; lead guitar, rhythm guitar, finger style; you name it, I can play it. I actually almost never use a pick, I always fingerpick. Just like idol, Mark Knopfler. He is a master at classical styled fingerpicking.

60. Oh ya! I added a feather to mine. A big white fluffy feather, on a black hat. Just 'cause I could :twilightblush:

70. Nice. The church I go to encourages using your talents to praise God. Be it art, music, or music composing. Everything is considered worship in one way or another. God gave us these talents, so why not use them.

82. Haha, yup. That's that Canadian weather for you!

3243239 Who's that? Sounds neat. One of these days I plan to get myself a guitar, and learn it. Currently my fiddle is in need of repairs, so now would be a good time to practice a different instrament to learn it.

My rythem is TONS better than it was when I was younger. But it's taking time.

60. Now I need a picture of that. I love a guy in a hat, makes him look so elegant.

70. I've always gone to such a small church... expressing your talent means... well... I've always set the bar, and led the pack. Not really my thing... However, at the church down the street that I'm beginning to attend... That is the mindset. I'm hoping to actually be able to grow.

82. I'm sure I'd get used to it, but it'd take time.

Haha, that was seposed to say "like MY idol, Mark Knopfler".
He is my absolute favorite musician. He does everything from classical, to swing country style, to rock. He is from the UK, and not only does he do many genres of music, but also from many different cultures. Keltic, Spanish, you name it.
Little video here of him (on the left) playing a classic country styled duet.

And my absolute favorite song. This is from 1993.

Have you thought about what kind of guitar you want to play? Electric or accoustic. The most popular of the 2 for beginners is accoustic. Because cost and they are simpler and less technical. But if you get a nice electric, they are way easier to play. ie- Bar chords, and such. Also the action is less so it's easier on the fingers...
When you do start learning, or before. If you have any questions, I am by no means an expert, but I'll do what I can to answer them.

As for the hat. I'm know I have a picture somewhere, from my grad... or something....

One thing I like to tell myself, or one of my personal rules for practicing:
Find someone better then you, and practice to be as good as or better then them. Easier said then done sometimes...:twilightsheepish:

Anyway, this is getting to be a long one. I've been trying to cut down on length... it's not going so well...:twilightblush:

I'm having trouble getting the links to work... I've had this problem before bit don't remember what I did ti fix it...

3250450 LOL You copy the link at the top instead of asking for the URL.

That works if your using a computer. I am on my phone, and there is no link at the top as the app doesn't support that.
Before I would take the url, then modify it to make it pc friendly, but I don't remember how I did that ..

Alright, lets try this again...

This is the one from 1993, my fave song... ever...

And the duet classic country with Chet Atkins. (I am not familiar with him, but as far as this vid goes, he is pretty good)

Haha, it worked! :twilightsmile:

Ps. It wasn't as simple as simply adding "www"; Although, that was part of the problem I had to go back to y other comments on one of your blogs where I successfully posted a video, so i could look at the format. For example...
http://youtu.be/fQ9nQNx0KEs - this is the link my phone puts out
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ9nQNx0KEs - and this is what its supposed to look like to work with this site.

3253155 Yeah. Alright, YouTube needs to fix that... but as long as we figure it out...

Nice music. I will listen to the entire thing in the morning wnnn I have my headphones.

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