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Twilight floated a second fritter up to her mouth when she realized the first was gone. “What is in these things?” “Mostly love. Love ‘n about three sticks of butter.”

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BronyCon Plans Part 1 · 8:42pm Jul 14th, 2015

I have a bunch of stuff I want to blog about, and very little time, so let's see if I can get this one out while Trixie is napping.

I'm going to be at BronyCon this year. I'll be on two panels: Advanced Writing (with Bad Horse and Wanderer D) and Love is In Bloom: Shipping and Writing Romance (with Scoots2, Sunchaser, and Aquaman.) I'll let people know when and where these are happening as soon as I know.

Human-baby-Trixie will also be at BronyCon! This means that, outside of my panels, a lot of my plans will be tentative, based on what Trixie needs. My husband will be with me, but I'm probably not going to get to see a lot of panels unless I deem them "must see." So I'm hoping that plenty of folks will hang out with me to make it more fun! We may end up doing things like: Finding a relatively empty area and spreading out a blanket for her to play on (or watch MLP on my cellphone,) going for walks outside, or hanging out around the kid's activity room (she loooves watching older kids play.) Please come and join us if you see us!

(Trixie may or may not have a cape. I would love to make her one, but I have to plan her Birthday party in the next two weeks, and I might not have time. I did buy her a MLP onesie, though.)

One other note: Trixie is still nursing, so if you see me sitting off in a corner somewhere and with a her laying on my lap, that is probably what's going on. You can still come and talk to me, if that doesn't freak you out! In fact, I appreciate it! (It gets kind of boring sometimes.) I'm pretty covered up between babyhead and t-shirt, and I'll try not to flash you. But if it is the kind of thing you think is weird, this is your warning to wait until she gets up and starts running around.

(Trixie is still napping! Success!)

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Hey so I'm not selling this year. If you and your hubby need help or want to go to a late panel, i offer my services as a babysitter. Which, if you're not comfy with, I totally understand. Totally want to at least see the little one though <3 Late congrats to you, as I've been away forever.

(I did show my son [who is six now] the pictures of bb Trixie from your blog and he thinks she's just the cutest little baby he's ever seen and he told me to tell you to give her lots of cuddles for him because she's adorable. He loves babies. I'm in so much trouble when he's older...)

I breastfed my little one for several years so if anyone gives you shit for it, lemme know and i'll chase 'em off if your husband doesn't get there first :)

i got all excited again like someone i know has had a SMALL PERSON and its just the best. with you as a mom and your super laid back hubby as a dad, i think trixie is gonna be just fine :yay:

I'm going to be honest, when I heard that you, Bad Horse, and Wanderer D were doing a panel I very nearly impulse-bought a plane ticket :scootangel:

Out of interest, do you know if the panels are being recorded? As can probably be gathered from my almost-spending of £2000, that is one panel I would quite like to see!

I know past Bronycons have had most if not all of their panels recorded, but I'm not sure.

If only there wasn't a whole ocean in the way, I'd attend for sure. :ajsleepy:

You have a good time, bookplayer. :twilightsmile:


Well, the past two years, most of us "fanfic hipsters" as my military brony friends call us, have spent time in between our panels chilling in Quills and Sofas, so you're likely to find a lot of us there. Playing TSSSF card game, random writing clinics, and general fuckery abound. I can't wait to meet lil' Trixie! Oh, and you, too, I guess. :rainbowwild:

I'll be there, but I'll be head judging and helping organize for the CCG so I don't expect to wander around much. If you happen to end up in the card game area and want to say hi I'd love to meet you, but I of course understand that's out of your way so it might not work out.

Ah, Bronycon. I remember the one from two years ago as if it was yesterday. Is it actually still held in Maryland?

If that's in the same room with the rest of the games, I'll probably be in there chasing down my husband when his break time is up. :rainbowlaugh:

I have no idea if they record all of the panels, and if not how they decide which ones. I'm sorry I can't be more help!


3238274 Last year they had a special room for the CCG events that wasn't shared with anything else, but I just got added to the team so I don't know if that's changing this year.

You enjoy yourself. Thankfully I'm nowhere near Baltimore so I ain't gonna make it.

I'll keep that in mind. We're staying outside the city, and Trixie is kind of touchy when she's away from me, but I definitely might take you up on it if there's a "I'll stay here with her while you run and get some coffee" option. (I'd take you up on that right now, in fact. She's throwing a fit because I won't let her chew on the diaper rash cream.)

And I noticed you've been away forever! Welcome back! I'm glad we'll get to hang out some.

Maryland isn't so bad. You'd fit right in on the Eastern Shore (where I live) or Western Maryland. The middle is just full of Baltimore or people who work in DC. I'm not sure which one would bug you more. :ajsmug:

Enjoy! I'll be thinking vaguely ponyish thoughts from over here on the opposite coast.

I'll definitely have to look around for you and baby Trixie! If i do find you i may ask you to sign in my autograph book thing. I'm trying to have a book for my favorite fanfic authors (and pony musicians) to sign, and since you fall in as one of my favorite authors, i'd love a signature. See ya at BronyCon(hopefully)! Also a panel with Wanderer D? Uh oh... me and him have had a few issues in the past, hehe... maybe i can get Wanderer D to sign my book too. Time to do some time management planning. :twilightsmile:

Advanced Writing (with Bad Horse and Wanderer D)



brb, trying to swim the Atlantic. How hard can it be?

3238326 I just remember how hard it was when my little one was...well, little, and I rarely had help, so I wanted to offer :)

And thanks! It's good to be back.


I'm not sure which one would bug you more

People that work in DC. I couldn't help but mouth off to them and would probably get on some FBI hit list because of it. :fluttershbad:

WELP. I know which panels are must sees for me now!

You will be there? Awesome!

Of course I'll give an autograph! Just make sure to catch me when I'm not carrying Trixie, or you might end up with an armful of baby while I sign it. "Here, hold this." :ajsmug:

Yorp. Instead of my usual Dragon*con. This might well be my only Bronycon (unless things in my life change soonish), and I'm looking forward far more to meeting all my cool new friends (several of which of us will be roadtripping to the con) than the con itself, but I'm sure I'll enjoy that too. Looking forward to it, lass.

So much fun to be had. So few weeks left.

3238857 You make it sound like a bad thing.:twilightsmile:

And Quills and Sofas is a typical hang out for most of us writery types and definitely a good place to find a seat for breastfeeding/babyholding while running for a coffee.

Awesome, I wasn't totally sure Quills and Sofas was still around. That will probably be our primary spot, then!

We'll show human baby trixie how to party like a proper pony lover. :yay:

Huh. I'm more and more tempted to actually drive down and check the con out.

No, no, no! Use your head man. Technology is the solution, not brute physical attempts.

I'm sure you can build a big enough catapult in the month until the con.

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