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Pony merch and other stuff for sale! · 6:38pm Jul 14th, 2015

In an effort to offset the costs of Trotcon (which, thankfully, aren't that much), I'm putting up all that stuff I was trying to yard sale two weeks ago online. And I'm giving you guys first crack at it. :D First come, first serve, prices are negotiable within reason, bidding wars are encouraged (:V), and there's other stuff besides just ponies here. If you're going to be at Trotcon, you won't have to pay shipping! I'm gonna leave this up until next week, at which point I'll resolve any purchases that need mailing and put the rest up on eBay. :B Click the link for info! Post is image-heavy.


Pony Pins: $5 each or $8 for a set
These are labelled nicely. :) They're PinFilly creations, which you can't get anymore because she got C&D'd. "Sets" are the ones set out in pairs, and a couple I'm only selling as pairs. Spitfire's cutie mark is busted (the pin part broke off; should just need some crazy glue to fix), so she's only $1.
(SOLD: Flim & Flam, Lead & Wingpony, Peanut Bucker, Big Mac set.)
(CLAIMED: Granny Smith set for MidnightDancer. Surprise and Spitfire for yamgoth. DT/SS for themaskedferret.)

Blind bags: $3 each
These are all from wave 4 and can't be bought anymore. Each comes with a card. If you can't read them too well, the ponies are Merry May, Chance-a-Lot (Caramel), Sassaflash, Twilight Velvet (Twilight Sparkle's mother), Mosely Orange (AJ's Uncle Orange), Shoeshine and Peachy Sweet.
(CLAIMED: Twilight Velvet for MaskedFerret.)

Blind Boxes: $5 each
Light and dark Discord and dark Rarity from the blind boxes.
(SOLD: Both Discords.)
(CLAIMED: Rarity for MidnightDancer.)

Talking Princess Celestia: $20
The first white Celestia toy ever made. I don't think she's in stores anymore. Never opened, still works.

EQG Principal Celestia: $8
Comes with brush, wings, purse and Pony Club card, whatever that is. Has been in storage since she was opened, but other than some tangled hair is in perfect condition.

Lyra Heartstrings brushable: $8
Haven't seen her in stores for a while. Never opened.

G3 blind bag customs: $5 each
These were made by I think an artist called The Old Gray Mare, but I could be mistaken. The right one is Surprise, the left is some kind of tiger dragon. Made off G3 blind bags, which is why their heads are weirdly shaped.

You came here for ponies, so I won't embed any of the other images. :B Click the links to check them out!

Game Boy Advance Game Shark: $10
For 1337 h4XX0ring ur gaemz. GBA only, of course. :B This is how I filled my Sapphire Pokedex.

Pokemon X: $30
Pokemon Y: $25
Pokemon Black: $20
Pokemon Diamond: $15
Pokemon Sapphire: $5
Pokemon Fire Red: $5
All in good working order, except Sapphire, which I just remembered has a dead internal battery. All that means is you can't access the daily events. It's got a full local dex, though I've moved a few Pokemon to X. X has a whole bunch of actually decently trained Pokemon. Diamond has everything but Shaymin, minus whatever I moved to X.
(CLAIMED: Diamond for Protopony, after I'm done using it.)

TFP Beast Hunters Abominus: $15
This was a Target exclusive, a repaint of Prime Abominus with clear plastic. Blight's head is really, really loose out of the box, but otherwise he's complete and in perfect condition.

G1 Dreadwind, box only: $5
I can't imagine anyone here is enough of a TF fan to buy a box, but people do sell them. :B It's intact, if distinctly used. There's some roughing around the edges and the flap is bent and will have to be re-bent for shipping. Dreadwind not included, just to be sure we know this.

A gun lock? $5
I don't know what this is or where I got it from. It's apparently a gun lock! I'm sure you could use it to lock other things, too. :B
(CLAIMED by yamgoth.)

United States Air Force pin: $2
I got this from my cousin, who worked for the Thunderbirds for a while. Don't know if there's any significance to it. :B
(CLAIMED by yamgoth.)

Okay, that's it. Feel free to comment if you're interested in anything here.

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Comments ( 29 )

Hahah Christ you're such a nerd.

I think I would kill for that set of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, but me being in Spain, the shipping would be too expensive, I think. Still, one can dream.

Also, Twilight Velvet. Damn, man, I wish I was an american.

Really tempted to get the lead and wingpony pins (so I can give my husband the wingpony one. :rainbowlaugh:) But our budget is tight right now, with BronyCon coming up. If you can't find a taker at full price, let me know and I'll see if we could work something out. (I hope someone else buys them, your prices are totally reasonable and people should give you money.)

3237688 you mean you wouldn't just trade off who was lead and who's wing any given day? :raritywink:

I imagine you and your hubby would have a wingpony badge and Trixie would get the leadpony badge.

3237646 If you'd like a Twilight Velvet possibly sans backing card(I'm not sure I still have it) I have one I can easily donate to the cause. I was going to mod her but decided I liked her being sparkly so just put some gloss coat so she wouldn't shed glitter everywhere.

PP, I'm innerested in some stuff, i'll ping you on skype.

man i really want the rarity and the granny smith pin set

only issue is it'd have to wait til i get paid which isnt until like the 24th ;~; hate being broke.


I imagine you and your hubby would have a wingpony badge and Trixie would get the leadpony badge.

This is a good point. I've been thinking out BronyCon plans, and it's definitely Trixie who's going to be in charge there at least.

3237786 I look forward to meeting all three of you n__n And that's definitely the best policy to have. Will Trixie be taking in the sights or is the plan her and your beau will relax while you do the panels?

She'll be around! We're actually staying outside the city, so she'll be there all day (at least as long as I am, depending on when my panels are, and barring nap times for which Bradel has generously offered use of his room.)

I'll be making a blog post soon with more info on our plans, so I shouldn't clog up PresentPerfect's comments with random chatter about that. But I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Site Blogger

How funny; my Spitfire pin arrived broken as well.

Author Interviewer

I can hold it. :B

Author Interviewer

I never liked that fucking cutie mark anyway. >:(

Personally I've got too much stuff already to want more pony merch, but I like both you and 3237688 and I've got the spare cash to pony up $8 plus shipping on her behalf. I'll put in a minimum bid for the lead/wingpony set, and ship them to Bookplayer if I'm not outbid. :twilightsmile:

That is too nice, and very much appreciated. Thank you!

Hey man you could probably get a MUCH better price for fire red and sapphire

Also I'll totally buy those Discords off you at the con.

Author Interviewer

Both of 'em?

And a half-busted Sapphire isn't worth much, in my estimation. :B I dunno what prices things go for nowadays anyway.



I'll give ya 30 for the Discords, Pokemon Diamond and the Peanut Bucker pin. Sound good? I'll be at the con around 9-10 on Friday morning.

Author Interviewer

I hope you will be there later as well, because I won't be getting in until probably 3 PM on Friday. :B But I'll hold all of those for you!

EDIT: Bad news. All this time, i thought I was holding onto Pokemon Black because I need to do something with it, when it turns out it's Diamond. D: I could still keep it in mind for you once I'm done with it, but 24 hours is not enough time to do the thing I need to do with it. ._.

Dibs on the Supplies Surprise, broken Spitfire and Air Force pins, and the gun lock. I'll be headed to Bronycon, so I guess shipping ain't necessary. I think the likelyhood that you'll bump into me is high.

Oh. Aw man. Not gonna lie, I kinda wanted those things you guys got dibs on, but alas. Such is my nature to be late on everything. Heh, of course I could simply outbid or even try sniping things, but nah. Everybody seems quite content with the way things are going, eh? Why ruin the happiness?

Just keep in mind that someone was aiming for the things you're after and you can be like, "Aw snap! It pays to be early, yo!"

Damn it, horizon. I was going to do the exact same thing. Except with more theatrics and a tad bit of dickory.

Id've been like, "Hno, hnooooo bookplayer. Hno peens fohr hyoouuuuu. Awl peens fohr hyamgawthhh :B" And then place a bid and post this pic of me and my money hat


This hat was quite expensive. PP, do you have more crap for sale? My expensive hat demands things.

laughing maniacally before saying that I kid and that they would be a little gift for bookplayer. Oh, and then posting a pic of (Canadian!) money raining on a Fluttershy minifigure or something. Nothing quite like getting the heart pumping with a bit of a scare and the pang of fear to the gut, then abruptly calming it, then exciting it again with a pleasant surprise ;P


PP, I'm innerested in some stuff, i'll ping you on skype.

Hmm? PP have secret things for sale that he hasn't mentioned?

3242745 newp, just that i could more easily through monies at him via skype.

Also mwaha, Canadians can be ruthless n__n


I'll be at con all day, so no worries. And it's cool about Pokemon.

Author Interviewer

I'm not going to Bronycon, I'm going to Trotcon. :B Change your mind?

Oh what? I thought you were headed to Bronycon again argh. Yeah, I'll pay for shipping.

How am I to witness expert lamprey latching skills now? I must learn from the best! As you have adhered relentlessly to Pav's back like a shadow, I, too, must break the boundaries of personal space much as a plecostamus suctioning to aquarium glass.

Author Interviewer

All right, I'll mark ya down. :B

Oh, also, did you mean the Surprise pin or the Surprise figure? I kind of assumed the first.

Yeah, just the Surprise pin. Also

Surprise and Spitfire for Super Trampoline.

(CLAIMED by Super Trampoline.)

I was Super Trampoline the entire time and PP saw through my moth and goth disguise XD

*puts on burrito hat thingy*


Author Interviewer

That Super Trampoline, always disguising himself as a moth. What a character! c.c

:V I'm sad I missed this when it first happened, I would've dumped an exorbitant amount of cash on the Wonderbolt pins.

However, I'd like to lay stakes on the last two sets: DT & SS; and Big Mac, if they haven't been snagged by anyone. :B I had a good check this week!

Do let me know, I'm setting aside the money in my budget as I type :D

Author Interviewer
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