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Prime jeremy

I am the guy stocking shelves at Publix and the same man giving you the classic Luigi death glare when you ask me to go look in the back for your Cheerios.

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  • 35 weeks
    Punch out! Before the ring

    I'm still updating it, chapter 5 rewrite will be up by the 22nd at the earliest, might be late though.

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  • 59 weeks
    Adventures of Puss in boots season 6

    Yeah I know it's not mlp related like at all but I WATCHED THE OTHER 5 SEASONS, THEY SUCKED season 6 seems a lot better though. I only watched the first 2 episodes but I still like it a lot more. I plan to write a fanfiction on it someday.

    0 comments · 60 views
  • 59 weeks
    FIM is dying

    The site, not the show. It's not dying quick, it's a painful slow death. I remember there once being over 2000+ active members on here. It may be because of the rp being chased off the site. Good riddance to that bunch my experience with them is an unpleasant one. But even after they let we lose a little more members over time and gain less than we lose. Or at least it looks like that to me.

    2 comments · 55 views
  • 60 weeks
    Punch out update

    So I'm rewriting chapter 6, it sucked. I'm also rewriting the entire story, I don't like it anymore. It shouldn't be that different the plot will be the same but the characters leave character a lot and it's kinda cheesy at times so I'm fixing it. I'll also be finishing the entire story before I post another chapter, I'll update the current chapters once done of course but other than that I'll be

    Read More

    3 comments · 63 views
  • 64 weeks
    I'm back

    I stopped writing for a while but I'm at it again, however, I won't be on this site for a while. I've got other stories to write first.

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Rogue Diamond · 1:58am Jul 14th, 2015

I found this comic through another person on this very sight. He made a blog post on it. Unfortunately I cannot remember who he is. But the comic is awsome. Here's a link to the comic. Its on tumblr. I need to make on account on there. After I find out what the hell its for of course. Seriously though, if you haven't read the comic I suggest you check it out. Its good and anthro. So the mane six are hot.:rainbowwild:

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