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I watched Cry for Help and... (Spoilers for SU... duh) · 11:17pm Jul 13th, 2015


First day: I'm alive. But that was close! BTW, Pearlnet is dead again. R.I.P... I actually shipped it and love it, but I never saw Garnet so pissed. It was a AMAZING episode and I'm sooo excited for next episode! Favorite Onis are going to appear :3 Also Gamethyst rises!!! BTW, Sardonyx is new bae, fuck Rainbow Quartz and Opal, she's my new giant woman :heart:

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Comments ( 2 )

Rebecca Sugar just destroyed the Pearlnet fans today

Eeyup. It was a hard one to watch seeing Garnet so angry. It's sad really.

Not to mention this is a one in a five story arc. So there's more to add on even after this episode.
God damn it Crewniverse, you've took our heartstrings and played 'em like a harp all over again.

And is it just me or did Amethyst's song sound like a break up song?

It's good to know WHY they love fusing with Garnet. They feel that they're 'so much weaker' than Garnet that both of them feel that fusing with Garnet is their one chance when they feel stronger. God damn does it break my heart to see them like this. :fluttercry:

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