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DC: Suicide Squad Official Teaser · 8:24pm Jul 13th, 2015

I am legitimately looking forward to this, albeit with a touch of apprehension due to the obviously, ultra dark tone that the film seems to be going for.

But given that this is Suicide Squad, a movie focused on whats basically scads of murderers, it makes sense that it'd be signficently darker.

Also, I think Leto is selling The Joker. Its certainly....a unique take (those tattoos and teeth are weird bro), but it still (to me at least) feels like a Joker that could exist in the world the film seems to be presenting.

So yeah, I am tentitively optimistic.

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Comments ( 10 )

Did I see the bats?

yessssssss, i'm gonna look forward to this. I love me some Slade Wilson

Looking pretty good. Although it makes me wonder that Batman flashback might have a tiny chance showing Robin.

Let's see if my Suicide Squad predictions go right:

Slipknot get's his head blown up by Waller if he calls bullcrap on her.

Enchantress goes on a breakdown and gets killed for the team's sake (if she is not mentally stable)

Croc gets his head blown up if the Squad tries something sneaky.

Harkness gets killed by one of the squad members if he turns traitor while actting like the usual ass that he is.

El diablo sacrifices himself for some reason.

And the rest get out of the Squad and live or
continue to serve Waller.

That is just a guess anyway.

Still hate Leto's Joker.

I do love how they're doing Harley Quinn, though.

I imagine the teeth have some backstory; getting punched in the face multiple times by Batman has to leave a few marks

3235082 Um, I don't think Slade Wilson is in this. Are you thinking of Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot?

3235185 Which Robin?
Also, I agree about Slipknot, but I hope you're wrong about the other dead guys. They all look interesting, and I have a personal love for Croc and Boomerang.

3243818 ....I coulda sworn I saw Deathstroke's black and orange mask, man...my mind must've been imagining things.

3243821 You know the one they put with Joker the most.

And I just hope Enchantress, Killer Croc & El Diablo don't get the shaft honestly. Especially Katana.

3243843 Not as far as I'm aware, sorry. :applejackunsure:

3243882 Ah, Jason.
Absolutely agree. Though obviously no one cares about Slipknot. Seriously, Firestorm gets some truly ridiculous villains.

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