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Discord's Origins · 2:59am Jul 13th, 2015

Ok this is something I been debating about. What is Discord's Origins? When IDW comics did the Fiendship is magic, one popular villain origin they didn't do was Discord.

Now this has gotten me thinking, what is Discord's Origins? There are three theories on this.

One: Discord is Native to Equestria

This theory is based on either yin yang, Trinity or Ascension theory, which sates Discord is the embodiment of Chaos for Equestria itself. This makes him a force of nature given form. The Ascension Theory states Discord is a mortal who became the embodiment of chaos meaning somewhere out there is his species in the planet.

However here the thing, if Discord was either there all along then the planet should have long been his plaything. He either sleeps for millions of years on end or he had too Ascend.

Two: Discord is Star Swirl

This is based on Star Swirl unfinished spell. Its basically been summed up as the spell turning him into Discoord because he had no friends.

Three: Discord.... isn't native to Equestria's Dimension

The latest Discord Episode has showed another path to his origin. Discord can open holes to other dimensions and can travel to them. This means technically Discord is a Extradimesional Alien being. This seems to actually be more possible then the other two main theories however it could be he is native to Equestria or even is Star Swirl.

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Comments ( 2 )

The Ascencion route for sounds better, i always thought of him some other creature (Pony in my headcannon) that found something akin to a "Tree of Chaos" and became the Spirit of Chaos, eventually the chaos consumed him and he went insane.

The ascension route is what I use in my story for the antagonist.

A mortal being becomes an all powerful spirit. It makes for quite interesting...possibilities for both the show and discord.

Though if you look at equestria girls it's cleat that equestria has links to other realms and may even act as a 'terminal station' of sorts to use as a gateway to other universes.
...hmm. This merits further study.

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