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A single fic review, July 12th · 2:22pm Jul 12th, 2015

The Shortest Shipfic Ever: Or, Why Admiral Biscuit Shouldn’t Write Shipfics by Admiral Biscuit
Genre: Flashfiction
A little while ago, I wrote a facetious fifteen-word breakup fic. Admiral Biscuit has seen fit to outdo me. THE DIE HAS BEEN CAST. THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS.
There Is Literally No Reason Not to Read This, It's Three Words Long

Report PresentPerfect · 645 views · #fic review
Comments ( 11 )

You are all very strange people.

That probably explains why I'm here.

Best review ever.

mmmmmm......*assumes Derik voice*
both could use an editor, i mean look at the lack of used space in the composition.

Meaning this review is almost 20 times longer than the fic itself.

I like how the title is almost four times as long as the story itself.

That wasn't an accident.

Honestly, I'm tempted to suggest the title should be changed to reflect the brevity of the story. Although, to properly represent the length, one would have to name it something like "Ship".

No, I thought the real humor is that it takes longer to read the title than the story.

"then sex happened"

I'm sorry sir but that is only one word. You have been disqualified; however we do have some lovely parting gifts which you won't really get if you've never read The Enigma of Amigara Fault.


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