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    Just saying hello

    Hey there everyone who's willing to pay attention to me. Welcome to my page.

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Just saying hello · 7:02pm Jul 11th, 2015

Hey there everyone who's willing to pay attention to me. Welcome to my page.
Not much here i just tend to log in to check new stories every two weeks or so. I'm mostly a fan of the show and the art, not the fan fiction but there are some notable exceptions and some work my fiends are doing that i follow along with. If you want to reach me even though i rarely log on, jsut send me a personal message and I'll see when i can get back to you all. Other than that thanks.

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I'm not a TV!
Heh, thanks for the watch, I have to say it here because you don't have a userpage comment section for some reason, have one back, and how did I earn it?

hello :pinkiesmile:

I like having all my comments in one place and that means i like having all comments under my blogs.

Thanks for the watch!
May I ask how I got it? :twilightsmile:

3233418 Fair enough

Just for the heck of it mostly



Thanks for the follow! I always enjoy meeting new people. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading the things I write. Also new here. Hope you llke my stories (they will get better). Usefull advice that I never got: following me will NOT get you update on the stories I write, that's a different button.

Thank you very much for the watch and welcome to FIMFiction, I hope you have fun!

Hello, and thanks for watching me! I do hope that you enjoy my works, both what I've posted and what's yet to come!

Thank you for the watch, might I ask why you've decided to stalk me, eh?:duck:

Hello, watcher who is a TV.

Reminds me of totally not an alternate account of mine this other guy named "Tomato Stalker". Hasn't been around for a while, which is a shame…

But even if it's a month late, welcome to Fimfic, mate!

Thank you for the watch! :heart:

Thank you very much for the watch. :twilightsmile:

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