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Twilight secret update · 9:21pm Jul 10th, 2015

hey everyone i am sorry about the long wait but was dealing with shit and had next to no time to get anything written. I have nearly finished the currant chapter for Twilight's secret and was wondering if anyone here was interested in beta reading? I am trying to get a bit of feedback and could use your help.

please PM me if intersted.

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Comments ( 7 )

If it's about the size of other chapters, I can give it a look.

I would, but I'm going camping in about 6 hours...

I'm not much of an actually writer myself, but more of an idea guy. However I can give it a look.

Ready and willing. Just toss me a PM

Sure, I could tell you if I notice any errors or strangely written lines - as well as my thoughts on chapter.

All right, an excuse to completely re-read the entire thing to make sure I didn't forget any of it! :twilightblush:

i was wondering what happened to you and of course life is an EVIL, VILE being sometimes:applecry:. WELCOME BACK:pinkiehappy:

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