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MLP Season 05: Comic Con provides sneak peak at Season 5 finale: Starlight Glimmer's return · 6:41pm Jul 10th, 2015

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Starlight, I HATE Starlight:twilightangry2:

3226240 Welcome to the club! Out of all the villains that the show has come up with, I think that she's the most irritating!

Recurring bad guy, or not.

Even more so than Discord ot Chrysalis put together!

I think that I'm more than a bit leery of the season finale now, more than I'm looking forward to it.

I just hope that they do a good job with it, and don't make it an hour of her trying to take over Ponyville by taking everyone's cutie marks again like she did in the season premiere.

We can do without that happening again.

3226286 actually, i found her to be one of the best explictly because she was so frighteningly realistic.

Considering that people like her actually exist, and hold positions of power in the REAL world, really helped drive the message home for me

3226286 She'll probably do something to make sure the rainboom never happened and they never got their marks. Man... messing up everypony's lives just to get even with them? She truly is despicable...:twilightangry2:

3226296 I know what you mean and that's what makes me hate her more:twilightangry2:

3226286 I thinks she's gonna do something to make sure the rainboom never happened and they never got their marks. Man... messing up everypony's lives just to get even with them? She truly is despicable...:twilightangry2:

Ah, shit, she's gonna prevent them from ever getting their cutie marks, then Nightmare Moon will return and shut will happen.

3226296 Hmmm, true.

Okay, maybe I'm not going to be so hesitant to watch it now. But we'll see.

3226312 Hmmm, maybe. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

And that she is.

3226318 Well, I guess that we'll find out when it happens, huh?

3226392 Hey, we don't know that for sure.

I'm sure that she's gonna do something nasty (she's just that type of pony), but remember, Discord lives in Ponyville, too, and I seriously doubt that he'd allow anything to happen to the ponies that he's most fond of (Fluttershy, especially).

And then, too, you have to take the Princesses into consideration (although it's weird that Luna hasn't picked up on this nutcases's dreams already).

And yeah, I know that something majorly serious will go down in this season's finale. But I think that we all know that Twilight and Company will triumph in the end.

They always do.

Friendship is Magic = a Happy Ending, remember?

3226422 maybe. Also, I swear, if the Crusaders dont get their cutie marks because of this, im gonna go ballistic.

3226561 Yup.

And I hear ya. 5 seasons of those three not getting their cutie marks is more than enough.

I mean, I heard somewhere that the show is supposed to go at least 8 seasons (and Season 6 has already been confirmed), so enough is enough with them not getting them, already!

3228161 someone made a very Interesting, but highly unlikely, post on how the finale will go. Pretty much part one will involve Starlight doing a massive spell that will take everyone's cutue marks, and everyone bowing to her, since their under that wierd equal mark spell. Part two will involve the Crusaders, since they didnt have marks in the first place they werent affected, teaming up with Zecora to take her down. Highly unlikely, given what we saw, but I like the concept.

3228285 Hmmm, that is pretty interesting.

I think I'm more interested in seeing the thing now.

Just to, you know, see what actually goes down.

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