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Doctor Who: Series 9 Trailer and Premiere Date Released!!! · 11:07pm Jul 9th, 2015

The Doctor Who team has been really good this year at keeping a lot of info pertaining to Series 9 secretive. However, finally, we've received a trailer and the premiere date! As seen in the trailer, Doctor Who will return to us on September 19!

Two words came to mind when I saw this trailer: epic and terrifying. Hands rising from the ground, eyeless ghosts, two-faced creeps, hooded figures, shadows with glowing eyes, etc, etc. This trailer just oozes with scary imagery. It definitely looks like Series 9 is going to be the darkest season yet.

There's so much going on in this trailer. We see Zygons, Daleks, Clara in an orange spacesuit, an alien city, an underwater base, some ominously epic quotes from the Doctor, Missy looking intimidating, a battlefield, the Doctor rocking on a guitar, a Predator-like alien staring down the Doctor, the Doctor putting on sunglasses like he's about to pull off the CSI meme, and freakin' Maisie Williams (I'm a pretty big Game of Thrones fan)!

Overall, this trailer was fantastic. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am that we finally have some footage from the season and a date for the premiere! Onwards to September 19!

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Comments ( 3 )

Wooo go missy!

Excuse me while i go change my pants....

3223911 Dare I ask what happened to your pants? :twilightoops::pinkiecrazy:

Doctor: "You!"

Arya Stark: "What took you so long, old man?"

Doctor: "Flying the TARDIS into Westeros is difficult. You have to plow through all that needless blood and sex."


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