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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • 13 weeks
    Bendy still writing

    I'm still writing I'm just being distracted by other things. I'm not throwing out stories like a blitzkrieg anymore. I still here everyday if you want to PM me or whatever. Open for messages if you want to talk to me.

    Just wanted to keep you posted.

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  • 14 weeks
    Did you ever accidentally say your favorite pony.

    "Oh, Twilight."

    After just kissing your girlfriend... Yeah, that happened to me. I must have pulled a good saving throw because she just laughed.

    Damnit, Twilight.

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  • 19 weeks
    Dwarves having a dinner party with ponies

    Dwalin: Where's the meat?"

    I think it would go like this. It probably be the same case for many humans as well. I think it interesting to make the ponies vegetarian since it adds cultural conflict when interacting with humans.

    I think it be good to see some more human and pony stories exploring this topic.

    Read More

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  • 22 weeks
    Lesson Zero Twilight Story

    I already made one. But I plan on making another one.

    But this time... she is big. Really big.

    And, of course, a poor little human has to deal with the giant crazy horse.

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  • 27 weeks
    What I love to read and write about.

    Butts. That is all.

    Link to gif. https://derpibooru.org/images/2991479

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The cries of a broken man · 5:02pm Jul 9th, 2015

Watch and weep.

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Watch and laugh!:rainbowlaugh:

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