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We Shippers Have Finally Done It · 2:13pm Jul 8th, 2015

Congrats, shippers and cloppers.

We've finally done it.

We've finally come up with so many damn pairings that the names are sounding too similar.

With the addition of Moondancer to the background cast, and the ease of shipping her with Twilight, the fandom has adopted two names.

TwiDancer, and MoonLight.

I've gone with the latter, because I thought that TwiDancer was entirely too close to TwiDance, for naughty little sexcapades with her sister-in-law, Cadance.

But apparently, MoonLight is also the name for pairing Twilight with Nightmare Moon.

What, was NightLight taken or something? Sheesh.

Watch that be the name of an existing pony, because damnit, that sounds familiar.


And I return, 30 seconds later. Yep, Night Light is her dad! Celestia damnit, do you see the conundrum here people?!?!?

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Comments ( 9 )


Well, usually they choose the first name of one and the last name of the other, so NMM x twilight would fit better as NightmareLight (which sounds weird, strange and I like it because of it) and that opens up MoonLight for this ship

I think "Night Light" is the name of Twilight's father but I'm not certain.

3219185 It is.

Found that out not even a minute after posting this blog.

Clearly we need more flexible shipping name conventions.

How about "MoonTwi LightDancer"?

Why don't we just call it TwiLight? :trollestia:

I'm just as surprised as you are. Seriously, maybe we can find new way to spell the ships so no one gets confused? I remember in the YGO fandom that everyone had a special name for their own ship.

Ex: Yami BakuraxMarik Ishtar- Thiefshipping

I doubt the fandom would be willing to do that, though. There'd be too much arguing over who gets what name and it might cause confusion for those in other fandoms. Besides, how does one start the whole ship name thing? It's always different for every fandom I've been in and I've been wanting to figure it out...

People need to come up with clever shipping names, such as "Ranch Dressing" for Applejack x Rarity.

Moondancer x Twilight could be something like "Dances with Books" I dunno. I can't come up with anything good.

3220846 Yes. That. Perfect, lol.

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