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Sad Pony Story · 12:20am Jul 8th, 2015

I'm thinking of writing this story. A story about two ponies who know each other for… well… such a short time really… not even a couple of months. They have a lot in common, and are growing closer every day. Despite the circumstances that should keep them apart, they start to fall in… no, it would be too soon to call it "love"… but to our protagonist it feels like it's going in that direction.

Anyway, these ponies. Events transpire that force them apart. I don't know whether they'll be apart for weeks, or months, or even years. Maybe they don't know either. They look to the stars each night for signs of each other's existence — for signs that the other is still thinking about them.

And they do see signs occasionally. Because ponies are the kind of creature that can read signs in the stars. But for our protagonist, it doesn't feel like enough — nothing could — not until they can be together again.

Time passes and our protagonist realizes that one day they'll have been apart for longer than they were ever together. That doesn't matter to him; he knows that he'll never forget the other pony. But still, he worries if she might — well, not forget him… she's not going to forget he ever existed — but she might forget the way he made her feel, and the way she made him feel too. And he worries that if and when they can be reunited, they might not be able to rekindle what they once had.

I don't know yet whether this story is a tragedy or it has a happy ending. Do the ponies find each other again? And if they do, do they live happily ever after, or has their separation broken their fledgling relationship irreparably?

What do you think? Is a happy ending realistic?

I'm thinking of writing this story. I can't until I know how it ends.

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Comments ( 10 )

That sound interesting, mainly because I like stories that are more real (like Trust Me by psp7master, it's amazing and you should read it some day). But who are they?

Who they are — whether they're canon characters or OCs — is not really that important to the overall plot. It makes a difference to the writing of course — how they cope — whether they're Rarities who show their emotions openly, or Applejacks who cry on the inside. But it doesn't make a difference to the outcome because the events that split them apart are outside their control.

Comment posted by Shadow rift deleted Jul 8th, 2015

sounds like an interesting story. if you need characters or just help in general, my doors are always open!!

I know what youtube video you might have gotten this idea from.

It partly depends on just how long they were apart, but..

Yeah, I think a happy ending is realistic possibility.

3218053 I doubt it, but go ahead and try me.

Good try, but no. It's actually not really based on any YouTube video. More on personal experience.

Personally, if I read a story that's sad all the way through, and then it just ends sad, then I don't like it. There needs to be some payoff for all of the character's misfortunes and sorrows. So if you were to write it, I'd give it a happy ending. That's just me though.

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