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just another brony with random story ideas.

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  • 14 weeks
    Another Idea, since I don't have too many of those

    Humanized or Anthro. Not quite sure yet

    Rainbow Dash is an aspiring mage at Celestia and Luna's University of Magic and Science but has been having trouble keeping up with the latest material and her grades are starting to suffer. In order to prove her worth she does something reckless. A summoning.

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  • 14 weeks


    There are a lot of things in Discovering Friendship that are planned out. The issue is that most of them are far flung into the future for the story, but I wanna do them now, but i can't. So Instead I've been working a bit on backstories. one of which being Cheerilee and Jade Filigree(Rarity, SB, and Vinyl's mom).

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  • 39 weeks
    OH hey

    So, in regards to last post - I PASSED! Just had my first official week of my career start and its pretty amazing. ALSO, FINALLY getting some work done on all these chapters I need to update and hoping to post soon!

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  • 41 weeks
    Just things

    Okay, so i'm pretty stressed right now. I have this big test on monday for work and a really important guy in the company is residing over the test and if I fail it I will basically fuck my entire career. That's not what this post is about, but I just wanted to throw that out there as a quick "where you been, dude???" answer.

    No, this post is moreso about 'Personal Head Canon'

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  • 52 weeks
    So much is happening

    First and Foremost I wanna ask any with a kind heart to check out This Blogpost to help out Novel Idea.


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First Upload for my Channel finally starting! · 5:18am Jul 7th, 2015

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share,like,etc. Its a really bad vid but I've been trying all day to get ANYTHING uploaded and this was the only thing that worked. I most likely won't play this game again though so suggestions on what you guys would like to see would be awesome!

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Comments ( 6 )

'H' to cycle hairstyles, according to the site.
Also, looks fun, where do I get?
7zip doesn't agree with my computer, so I can't get it from the site's download page.

3214402 do you have winrar? If you have that and it still doesn't open then i'll see if its okay to send the game to you. There shouldn't be an issue, but this is someones persona work which is updated every week.

3215396 I'd never heard of it until you mentioned it.

3215396 Now I've got it, how's it work?

3218701 you can just use it to open the 7zip file and then just extract the folder inside to your desktop. Open the folder, and start the EXE file to play the game.

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