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    Semi maybe kind of announcement.

    For those looking at this from my profile, please click read more this is important!

    Evenin' fellas, i'm sure anyone who is still here that follows me forgot I even existed.

    Just wanted folks to hear that i'm semi maybe kind of sort of back with a couple announcements.

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  • 162 weeks
    Yo who here likes youtube?

    Everyone pretty much knows I still do song covers (i've gotten a million times better and it's now actually worth listening to rather than trite mixed with garbage.) Well I've got my youtube channel back up and running (you know the one) for such a thing.

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    Looking for ideas.

    Yo if any of you got any ideas for a story that would be right up my ally. Or even for my existing stories. I'm all ears, hmu on skype @ sonofbelz or talk to me here, whichever you want this bird ain't picky.

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  • 225 weeks
    I'm really rusty.

    I tried to write some today, but boy i'm super out of writing shape. Like i'ts bad compared to even my old stuff. I'm gonna need to get some practice in before I can take any of my stories serious again.

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Much better now but still hurt. · 10:01pm Jul 5th, 2015

It's been a couple months and I've nearly fully recovered. It's gonna take longer for my family though, especially my dad and grandmother. I've been trying to spend more time with her because she gets very lonely a lot of the time, plus she's my favorite family member and in the recent months I've been getting more freedom to go where I please.

In a way though for my grandmother it's kind of been a blessing in disguise, while we all loved my Grandpa, he was an incredibly stressful person to be around let alone take care of. He was the reason why she never stopped smoking. But now that he's gone she can really start focusing on dealing with her problems and getting the proper help she needs.

As for updates with what's going on:

In Kuk Sool Won i'm getting my red belt at the end of the month and the world tournament is coming up again in October so we're preparing to prepare at this point.

A little while ago I was ostracized from yet another group of friends and backstabbed at the same time by close friends in that group. That's still haunting me and it's gonna take a long time to recover from it because it happened literally a week after my grandfather died so it was an onslaught of horrible that I barely survived at times, yeah it got that bad there for a bit. I'm currently trying to avoid things that remind me of it like RP (outside of private RP) in World of Warcraft and general chat groups. I do however try to talk about it when I can.

I'm not sure about writing yet, I've been trying to get back into it but I end up just not being able to bring myself to do it so please just hang on for a while more.

I still do music covers, mostly posting some things on soundcloud but that's just scratching the surface of what I have and I really need to put up more.

However I will be much more active around here again so there's that to look forward to. (people probably see me posting in groups a bit more idk) So if anyone wants to talk to me my steam and skype are still valid or you can pass me a PM.

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You'll get there, buddy. Hell, I'll be right there for ya if ya need me, you know that :raritywink:

BTW, I still think my MMA and FMA can match your Kuk Sool Won :derpytongue2:

Okay, I'm just kidding, considering the fact that you've pretty much convinced me to convert

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