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Relentlessly Optimistic Minuette · 3:52pm Jul 5th, 2015

I don't cross-post much, but Aquaman's post Relentlessly Optimistic Minuette Ruins Your Dramatic Fanfic Plots will take about 2 minutes to read and may be the most fun thing you'll do today. Don't read the comments until you've tried to pick out the stories yourself; they've all been figured out.

The fake Minuette quotes remind me of my mom. Once I sent her a Grumpy Cat meme, and all she said was, "I've always thought green eyes were pretty!"

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Comments ( 6 )

"It's okay Spike, you're just a kid! And I think it's adorable!"

EDIT: the meme has now expanded to include "Relentlessly Optimistic Minuette Ruins Literature"

"But that nice man came all the way from Porlock to visit you--can't you finish your poem later? There's more to life than books, you know!"

Well, almost all of them. No one's gotten #16, #19, or #22 right yet.

3209290 It would help me follow that if you numbered them in your post.

On the bright side, not having them numbered makes it a little easier to stop yourself from cheating.


Relentlessly Optimistic Equestrian.sen Ruins Cheating.

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