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    Ask Rin.

    for the future Bonus Chapters, my Pet Dungeon. What questions would you like the reporter to ask for the flashbacks?

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Ask Rin. · 3:40pm Jul 5th, 2015

for the future Bonus Chapters, my Pet Dungeon. What questions would you like the reporter to ask for the flashbacks?

Report Clockworklich · 1,752 views · Story: The Beating of my Heart. ·
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how are you there aunt?
why were you sealed away?
what are you?
what kind of magic do you use?
where are yo from?
what do you do now that you are free?

Is it true you have all kinds of dirt on the Princesses?
What are the strange creatures who come under your 'banner'?
What specifically happened at points of events that had your paw in it?
Is your return some 'divine' proclamation of new evils to rear up on ponies of this day and age?
Would you be building your own monarchy in a light forbidden domain to not encroach on the princesses?

(We thought to be silly and serious in some of these.)

Can you teach the spell that summons minions to you?
Also how does it work? i Assume it summons things your comfortable working with.
Also are we going to see the Bouncy Ball again? It's a minion right?

Can you make a room that can make beings into cyborgs and make they inmone to most maicg

your life with mother and father of celestia and luna?

What troops you prefer back in the day and what troops you like in this modern time?

Can you move the sun or moon?

Are you sure there isn't anything from the multiverse aka anything in existence that can stop horny. By the way, I did not like being eaten by trixie. I'm asking this because if say touhou or something that close to rival it battles horny there is a good chance he will lose. Two people in mind Yukari Yakumo who can eliminate Horny's immunity and Remilia Scarlet a vampiress that literally can make a person destined to lose against her. If you never claimed Horny invincible to this, then nevermind and sorry if I accidentally started some war. Oh yeah, um any comment on this video.

Last question, if you had to substitute for your nieces on dealing with tax increase on the nobles. Do you suggest neuralizer the best way to go. Since you can make them forget and make up a situation for them to pay for the tax.

What are these creatures that we keep seeing popping up around you that don't work for you?

Why do they come from other worlds?

Have you ever noticed a significant time gap between leaving to one of their worlds and returning to ours?

A body is surrounded by a deck of cards and an ace, what happened.

How did you get that giant bee?
How is it possible for you to not be corrupted by dark magic?
Did you teach the Tyrant King Sombra dark magic? Did he teach you?

Wait is chaos land in first bonus chapter spoilers for post discords reformation or something in the past

If in past. What is the story behind Chaos Land

If yet to come. I look forward to that chapter

Are you the only known kitsune in your universe or are there others.
Have you ever run into a white wolf who had a magic brush.

How did you first meet Celestia and Luna?

What was your first time in heat like?

Do you think you give birth to kids of your own one day?

have you ever been struck with the idea to bury canterlot using the muffin button?

How did your first encounter with our ever favorite troll and prankster (aside from pinkie of course) Discord go?

Have you met a banshee before?

What was your first encounter with Starswirl like?

What was the funniest prank you did before getting turned to a statue?:pinkiehappy:

Has anyone ever used the phrase "Bah Weep Graaaagnah Wheep Ni Ni Bong" around you?

Palutena: Hey fluffybutt, Rin, I want to know if you tested the alicorn accelerator intravenously and if so what were the results? Are you still a squishy mage?

Have you ever destroyed a house on accident?

Have you ever tried to eat dankness?

You've mentioned that you have fought in two different wars what were they about and the reason why and how many calories in total were there?

what all displaced stories are youin

considering your sexual preference and your origin gender, have you ever attempted to get your 'old friend' back using a potion or spell? (could not help but ask.)

What do you plan to do with this new threat?

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