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A german guy doing his best to tell the tale of the Trail of a Shooting Star. If you like it, why not join the Ranger HQ group for possible sidestories? Or hunt for references?

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    Book 3 Chapter 2 ending rewritten

    I was reading through the comments lately and read the comment of Tenth. At the time I originally wrote the chapter, I deemed it a better idea to do this in order to establish something between AJ and Tyler, since he has something special with each of his herd mates, so why not being the submissive one to her.

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    Dead? Nah... Alive and kicking!

    Odd... I thought I was in charge of my own fanfic. Unless I say so, the story isn't dead.

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    Happy new year!

    I hope you all had a calm and happy Christmas or equivalent other holiday and I wish you all a happy new year 2020.

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    Took my loooong break, now back to work, you lazy keyboard. That story ain't writing itself and there are two more sequels!

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    So many ponies, so little time

    OK first things first, even though way too late: Happy new year.
    Second, I guess everyone wants to know where the flying f- :yay: -ck I've been and what's going on with my story?

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The End of this Book... · 1:23pm Jul 5th, 2015

It's gonna be big... :rainbowwild:

Currently at 5867 words. Hardly any progress since the last time I stated its word count. Around 10k words, we would hit 40 to 50KB.

And although we're not even done with this book, people are already sending in suggestions of new pairings or characters for Book Three. There are a lot of good ideas among them and some might see the light of day. What about you? Do you have any ideas you want to express for Book Three? Tell me more about them in the comments or PM me, if you want a bit more privacy.

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Adventure into the other countries of equis :rainbowkiss:

So book 3 is next, huh?

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