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What Has Become of 'Dissociative' · 11:39pm Jul 4th, 2015

So, I keep getting emails and various different messages asking me about Dissociative and if it's dead or not. I decided that after so long of not touching the matter, that you all do deserve an answer.

So let's kick this off with the song I am currently listening to:

Anyway, this blog (I hate that term, it makes me think of a monster that lives at the bottom of the ocean) will explain a couple things about what we've been doing, where we've been, and where we're going from here!

First matter of the day is our story, Dissociative, which you all must have noticed has pretty much been dead for over a year. The truth is that we have been writing their own novel and have been spending time finishing, correcting, and editing it for a publishing house. We have successfully peaked their interest at least with our cover letter, so they're actually going to review the manuscript and give it the yay or the nay.
This in combination with our therapy has left little time for the free work we were writing on here. We have been working their arses off to get their writing to an acceptable level for writing which will bring me to our big issue with Dissociative.
Our issue with the story itself lies within how our writing style has changed dramatically, so to continue the story as is would be jarring to say the least. The big plan is to rewrite the story, at least in style and not so much content other than fixing a few continuity errors and such.

Okay, so although we've had less time to write fanfiction material and such, we have been reading still without restraint. Some fanfictions have been good, some have been bad, and some... Well, we don't talk about them... Yet. My point is that some of these have stood out in either the best or the worst ways and I want to start telling folks about them for better or for worse, so I think I may start writing reviews/critiques on some of them. Well, this is provided you all would be interested in reading/watching (depending), but that's up to you all.

The last thing is, we've also been working on a rather large scaled fanfiction for quite some time now and have just recently started having it come together correctly in a presentable way. When i say large scaled, I mean in the size of 3-4 'books' so to speak, all of which being rather heavy on world building and plot (although mostly fanon/AU due to the fact we've been working on making this world since the 2nd season and I'm tired of adjusting it to the show). Anyway, that's pretty much what our life has been for a while now, so make of that what you will.

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I would LOVE to see Dissociative re-worked and continued. I would also be very interested in reading any reviews or other stories/fanfictions you all may write. I was a little upset when Dissociative stopped being edited but it's been sitting on my tracking list this whole time as I have been eagerly anticipating ANYTHING coming out of your end. Looking ever forward to it. Good luck.

im excited that dissociative is still gonna be a thing! If you book gets out you gonna let us know its title so interested people can pick it up?

Hopefully you don't delete the current file for Disassociative and replace the chapters with their updated versions.

Looking forward to more from you on this concept!

Sometimes a new draft/retelling/spiritual successor is for the best...and from what has been shared here, this sounds like one of those times.

The Author hasn't logged on to this site in a year and a half. Something tells me that plans have changed. Nice Okami cover though.

@Strawberry Jelly
How's the rewrite coming along?

Last seen Sunday.

I posted that before Saturday. Chalk it up to bad timing. :facehoof:

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