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Regarding Today · 9:30pm Jul 4th, 2015

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Comments ( 7 )

That's an accurate depiction of how many Americans celebrate the fourth.

I'm going to be doing roughly the same thing tonight. I have to be at work tomorrow at 7:00 AM.

Stupid fireworks. :trixieshiftleft:

I could go for some fish and chips.

...You in?

Hey, we'd invite you to the party, but...well...y-you know how it is...

Um...thanks for uh...happy Indepen-I mean, how was your sleep? :D

I spent the day with my redneck friends. We exploded a total of 30 pounds of Tanerite, enough to produce a mini mushroom cloud. The 250 pound tree segment was obliterated or catapulted at least 20 meters leaving a 10 foot crater. Shot hundreds, maybe even close to 1000 of rounds from about 20 different guns including evil "assault" rifles and other high powered rifles and handguns. About eight of us piled on to a 94 wrangler jeep without doors or roof each of us holding a rifle in one hand while hanging on with the other and yelled "allahu ackbar" just for the hell of it. One of the neighbors after hearing the explosion came to introduce themselves to us because they were impressed. We were in "that" part of Ohio. We finished it off with a truckload of fireworks, and other illegal things that I do not want to post in the internet.

I am proud to say that we were probably one of the must 'Murrica fourth of july celebrations I have ever had.

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