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Fic Idea · 2:01am Jul 3rd, 2015

Has anybrony written The Maretian, starring Carrot Top as a plucky astronaut stranded on Equestria's nearest celestial neighbor, forced to grow her favorite vegetables to survive?

If not, and if I have any cachet left in the fandom, I'm throwing it all behind begging someone to write this so I can read it.

Comments ( 14 )

Gah. I absolutely cannot add another piece to my queue right now. At least two ostensibly fast block-breaker pieces have turned into things I care about, cramming them behind the already large stack. One of these days I will have to like post something.

Yell at Chris. I hear he has a small fondness for Carrot Top.

I can just see this being done in the Conversion Bureau universe, way out in the Exponential Lands with a single earthpony trying to grow enough food to survive until she can be found, with no unicorns or pegasi to help, and not knowing when the Royal Unicorn Corps will be able to send a rescue mission.... Goddammit, now it won't get out of my head. Thanks so very much! :facehoof:

I'd only write this if it starred besthorse and she had to grow apples to survive. :P

3201519 you already did this, silly Filly.

Site Blogger

Chris was my first thought.

How about "My Favorite Maretian", in which Carrot Top is a martian pony on Equestria, living in Applejack's barn and trying to conceal her alienness from the authorities but inevitably getting into a wacky fix every week that Applejack has to get her out of?

Or "Mare and Mindy", in which... ah, never mind.

Or you could just read 3201519's story.

This sounds like exactly the kind of thing I'd do!... If I had unlimited free time to write. And if I'd seen and/or read The Martian.

No question, though, I'd read the hell out of that story.

Hah. Ponify everything?

I actually wrote a review of the book a while ago. I find it interesting to see a published novel, heck, movie, from an author I knew primarily from his silly Mad Scientists webcomic.

Site Blogger

Wow, I had no idea he wrote a webcomic.

Yeah... in fact, he originally published The Martian on the Writings page on the same website that hosts the comic. It's only because some readers asked for a mobile version that he put the whole shebang on Amazon at minimum price... where it somehow rose to the top of the scifi bestseller list :twilightoops:

I actually got the story as it was written there on my disk, retrieved through archive.org. It has an... interesting... [OBVIOUS SPOILERS] epilogue paragraph (go to the end of the page) which was left out of the final book :rainbowlaugh:

There are some other brilliant pieces of fiction there. YouTube has multiple readings and even acted out versions of his short story "The Egg".

Site Blogger

That epilogue's actually in the official audiobook. :rainbowwild:

I knew the publication history of The Martian, and his other fiction work; I just didn't know Weir had also done a webcomic.

Ahhhhgh that book was so damn unputdownable!

I would be so tempted to use a unicorn though, just to replace all the techno jargon with magical what have you....

Also, come back to the Slumber Party group, blast it all! We miss yooouuuuu! : D

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