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I'm a shielder (nickname my friend Shelley gave me bc I'm a huge fan of the WWE's shield), a directioner, and an Ambrose fangirl. I'm 17 and I love JROTC!

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SNEAK PEEK!!!!!! · 1:07am Jul 3rd, 2015

Here's a sneak peek of If Wrestlers Were Ponies:

“Come on, Roman! Let’s get the little slime ball!” Dean yelled as he galloped after Seth as fast as his four legs would carry him and Roman raced ahead to cut Seth, who was gasping as he flapped his wings as hard as they’d go, trying to lose both of his former friends. Ducking under and over branches and jumping over rocks, the three ran through the forest, two trying to catch someone who betrayed him and the other praying for someone or something to stop them.
Suddenly, Dean went from chasing Seth to laying face-first on the forest floor, “Dean!” Roman skidded to a stop and trotted back to his best friend, “Are you ok?”
“Damn that slime ball.” Dean leaned on his front legs and Roman used his front shoulder to help him to his hooves. “By now he’s on his way back to his mommy and daddy, hiding behind their ponytails. Ah!” Dean’s knee buckled under him, “I almost had him, then some stupid tree root trips me up. I’ll get him. One day, when he doesn’t have his stupid parents around to save him. I’ll bite off his stupid-ass two-toned mane. Then his precious Nikki will never want to be with him.” Roman nodded, chuckling as he stayed side-by-side with Dean so they could walk/limp back into Ponyville together.
Dean and Roman had always been a pair of outsiders. Dean because he was an unhinged, unstable lunatic, and everypony in town deemed him dangerous. Roman because he was a bit of a hothead and really felt like he couldn’t trust anyone else other than Dean and Seth.

The three of them used to rule the town as a band of rebels, calling themselves the Shield, or the Hounds of Justice. If they felt someone in Ponyville was being cruel or unfair to others, they took it upon themselves to bring the justice to the perpetrator. But those days were over.

While they were trying to steal from a rich business pony who had been cheating his employees out of their income, Seth ducked out for a minute, claiming he thought he saw something outside of the house. Almost immediately after he left, a swarm of royal guards surrounded Dean and Roman, loading them into the back of a paddy wagon. At first, Dean and Roman were glad that Seth got away at the last minute, until they saw something that broke both of their hearts…..

Seth was looking at them stone-faced, standing with his parents, Triple H and Stephanie, who were smiling as the guard slammed the door of the wagon.

HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY!!!:pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 34 )

:pinkiehappy: This seems really, really good so far!!~ Can't wait for it to come out!!~

3203263 thank u my good man/woman/person/robot

3203581 I'm a she!!~ *hair flip* :rainbowlaugh: But yeah, this is really good. You've got me tangled in the story already!~ :pinkiehappy: *offers popcorn*

3203605 Popcorn! *offers you tuptake* (it's how I say "cupcake" sue me)

3203618 Yaaaaay!!!~ :pinkiehappy: *nibbles on cupcake* (Eh, I wont. It makes you more unique :rainbowkiss:)

3205109 Yay!!!! *offers you doughnut*

3205139 Yaaaaay! *sips on hot chocolate* Want some? :pinkiehappy:

3205215 it too hot for that it summer *drinks iced tea

3205234 ah :rainbowlaugh: It's still raining over here in Scotland.... as per usual... Oh well, I hope we can at least get some thunder & lightning :rainbowkiss:

3205256 yea....no...scary *hides

3205274 :rainbowlaugh: thunder & lightning is by far my favourite weather! The darkened sky; the rain softly pattering on my windowsill; the sudden, short bursts of light that last only a second; and the distant rumbling, like a beast had just awoken!!~ :rainbowkiss: it all blends together to create something quite magical, if you ask me!!~

3205447 *cuddles my care bears

3205488 *snuggles plushie tiger* here!!~ *offers blanket*

3205972 thank you *grabs my one direction pillow

3208752 :rainbowlaugh: *snuggles up in Sami Zayn shirt* :yay:

3209810 I watch it on the occasion, but Sami is by far one of my favourite wrestlers, as well as Finn Balor & Bayley, :pinkiehappy: you really should try watching it. It's like RAW, only a bit quieter & the commentators are 10x as respectful to the wresters. I think it's because Booker T isn't on commentary there, and Jerry King isn't on commentary during their divas matches :rainbowlaugh:

3211306 Idk........i heard Renee was on commentary there and I can't stand her

3211407 I like her, but that's just my opinion :pinkiesmile:

3211734 see I like this one you no be all shovey shove the opinion down my throat

3213625 :rainbowlaugh: I just find it incredibly rude & disrespectful for people to tell me I'm wrong just because I like something else to them, or when people dismiss my opinion to something, simply because I have a different opinion to something else that clashes with theirs.... if that makes any sense :rainbowlaugh:

3214696 :rainbowlaugh: yeah. I don't understand people who feel the need to force their own opinions into someone else's face though. :trixieshiftright:

3216399 yup I'm just like....what

3216471 and I'm here like "You mind getting out my face, dude...." :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

3228522 so... You excited for Battleground?

3228701 What match are you most looking forward to? :pinkiehappy:

3228798 SUPLEX CITY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

3228820 SAAAAME!! :rainbowlaugh: But I am looking forward to Reigns vs Wyatt!! It's going to be an epic match!!

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