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I keep thinking that it's unfair · 11:07pm Jul 2nd, 2015

There's people who've written four stories, totaling in nearly 100k words, that all have decent ratings. But these people have two followers.

Then there's me, who has done absolutely nothing, and has thirty-eight.

Report Elizabeth · 369 views · #why
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Indeed, what Rainboom said, look at me, one poor story and 167 followers, but then I am very social and like to help others, oh, and one Collaboration that is not yet finished.

Sure, Stories are a major part of Fim:Fiction, but then so is sharing friendship and poetry, to limit us to just stories would be a shame as we all have so much more to contribute.


But I'm quiet. I literally don't do anything on this account.

3201016 Maybe, but I doubt it.

Some just follow in hopes of return follows

Then there's me, who has done absolutely nothing

That sounds like me. :ajsleepy:

3202538 Yes it is. I do nothing

3202540 You're too down on yourself.

3202543 No I'm just honest.

3202551 :facehoof:

Honesty and self-depreciation are two different things. I think you know that. Chin up and accept that you're awesome.

3202587 I'm not awesome in any way

3202588 Uh, yes you are.

3202594 Say what you wish, but you cannot change the truth. Personally, I like you.

3202600 But its not the truth. And ok.


It's a popular opinion, at the very least. Happy 250 followers, by the way!

It's because you talk Elizabeth, Honestly I'm trying to get more people to actually read my story after putting so much effort into it. But it's because you talk about things that people want to talk about that people follow you and listen to what you have to say. It's why I follow you on this site at least.

3206630 I don't even talk that much.

Since I like to rant on and on without stopping my Grandfather once told me "You don't need to talk much, you just need to say something worth listening to." Just say what's on your mind and people will listen.

And now you have fifty!

Mwahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:

I can unfollow if you like?

3266612 Whatever you want to do. *shrugs*

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