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"My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games" Trailer Released! · 6:42pm Jul 2nd, 2015

First off, sorry for the glitchy video. As of now, this is the only version of the trailer I was able to find. Anyway, on to the main point.

I can say that I'm really looking forward to this film. The Equestria Girls films looks like a series that's going to continue to improve with each new installment. We had the fun but flawed first film, the awesome second film, and now we're getting a pretty intriguing third film.

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is, obviously, officially meeting the human world's version of Twilight. We've all been speculating about this since the Marvel-esque post-credits scene at the end of the last film and we're finally going to meet her. From the trailer, we see that she's somehow gained possession of a magical necklace of some kind which appears to be able to open...portals? In one shot, we see a portal open briefly and show some twisted trees that look an awful lot like the trees we saw when Apple Bloom was talking with her shadow back in Bloom & Gloom. Coincidence? Is human Twilight going to be transported to Equestria at some point? I have a feeling that the film may end with her transferring to Canterlot High. Either that, or she forms a group with another series of misfits from her own school.

Speaking of the other school, Crystal Prep Academy. Hmm...I wonder if Shining Armor and Cadance are the principals there? Maybe Chrysalis is a teacher there. Either way, it's obviously the human world's equivalent of the Crystal Empire and the Shadowbolts. It appears this is where we're going to see a lot of the human equivalents of Equestria's rich, smart, and snooty. I wonder if we'll see human versions of Fancy Pants, Suri Polomare, and Cherry Jubilee? Maybe Cheese Sandwich, Coco Pommel, and Maud go to this school as well? I know we saw Maud in the last film but it was sever shown that she attended the same school as Pinkie Pie.

We also got some brief glimpses at possible villains. None of whom seem to be affiliated with Equestria in any way. I'm fine with that. It'll be refreshing to get an Equestria Girls villain that doesn't originally come from Equestria. The only thing that seems to have ties to Equestria is Twilight's strange necklace. But, who knows? Maybe it's magic from the human world that's made all the more powerful due to the Equestrian magic at Canterlot High. There's definitely a lot of speculating to be done until the film is released this September.

The music in the trailer was alright. Nothing really grabbed my attention. The only other thing of note is Sunset's new outfit. I like it. Though, we already saw it in a previous music video "My Past is Not Today".

Overall, I liked this trailer and I'm really looking forward to this movie. What thoughts to the rest of you have about this trailer and the upcoming Equestria Girls film?

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Comments ( 6 )

I'm not going to lie that is strange. I wonder what would happen if the Twilight we know finds out about this?

Saw the trailer a couple days ago on the news website-thing and I have just one thing to say.

This. Will. Be. AWESOME! :rainbowlaugh:

The series has had some serious improvement since the first movie and I can't wait to see their Twilight come onto the scene. The fact that she brings some magic with her just seems all the more fitting.


I feel that this will probably be the best Equestria Girls movie yet! I was almost surprised to see that the Human Twilight (I think she has been like almost officially referred to as "Sci-Twi" because SCIENCE) is apparently playing a very big role in this movie. I get the sense from what we've seen here that this film will barely involve the pony Twilight or any other ponies for that manner. Probably need some more trailers before that's clear. I thought what music we hear in these trailers was pretty good though. So yeah, I'm excited! :twilightsmile:

And another thing. I don't know why, but my Marius sense is telling me that this film might have a cameo from Littlest Pet Shop. That could possibly mean that this city Crystal Prep Academy is presumably located could be LPS's Downtown City. I don't know why. It could be just a strange, wild hope. Might have something to do with cameos of pets from LPS in the MLP comics. :twilightsheepish:

From what I've heard, Meghan McCarthy won't be writing this installment of Equestria Girls. Instead, the job of writer has been given to Josh Haber. In case anyone forgot, he was the writer of the episodes "Castle Mane-ia", "Simple Ways", and "Leap of Faith" for Season 4. He also wrote "Bloom and Gloom" for the following season. So anyone who enjoyed those four episodes might be excited for this film.

So he's got two okay episodes (Castle Mane-ia and Leap of Faith) and two good episodes (Simple Ways and Bloom & Gloom) under his belt.

As always, I'll be cautiously optimistic. The third film always seems to be where everything goes wrong for a lot of people. The original X-Men trilogy. The original Spider-Man trilogy. Etc. Hopefully that isn't the case here.

A new trailer was just leaked at a con. This one reveals the appearance of a character who appeared in the first movie, but didn't in the second movie. Take a guess who it might be.

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