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Summer Sunbutt Contest · 2:14am Jul 2nd, 2015

So trying out this new thing since I have a bunch of people staring at my stuff.

I can't find a good Celestia image for my phone. I need an image that I can select a part of so it fits, or a resized image for Android/iPhone phones.

So. You send me images through a PM and if I choose yours, I'll put your OC into my next story. It won't be the pony that gets railed if it is a sex story. The pony will be a background pony that the character speaks with.


Celestia's Ass. It can be either Pony, Anthro, or Human. It doesn't matter.


- Must fit on an Android/iPhone wallpaper. I can personally crop the image to fit my phone so all I need is the image.

- Must be Celestia's glorious ass.

- The ass must be either censored if a pony, or clothed if human. So panties, thongs, bikini, booty shorts, no parts or her tail. The main thing is that I don't want her tantalizing pussy or perfect ponut on my screen, regrettably.

- NO FLUIDS. As much as I LOVE seeing a glazed ponut or a creampie, this is on my phone. This also includes wet panties and thongs. No fluids.

Contest over in a week. Ask whatever you want below.

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Comments ( 10 )


No rediculously huge asses on Human or Anthro Celestias. I know everyone posts her with wide enough hips to birth an elephant.

Darn, If only I was able to use my laptop right now.

Can the image include another character alongside Celestia?

Or are you going for a strictly "solo" Celestia ass?

3198939 Full body shots work best since I can crop, and other characters are good too

3199031 10/10 IGN

:P looking more on either lewd or high-quality butts, feel free to pm me them!

If this is over, would you mind sharing what you received? :duck:

It's for... research purposes, heh. :twilightblush:

3200584 I'll be posting a few of my favourites. Primarily one from each category of Anthro/human/pone

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