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F/F/T3K15 — Ten Minutes: Aftermath FINISHED; new double whammy now open! · 2:01am Jul 2nd, 2015

At last we can unveil our first riffing project under our new banner... and it's Chatoyance. It's a marvel we haven't covered her before, but she's so divisive and volatile a topic that we couldn't resist. Our inaugural riff of F/F/T3K15, of "Ten Minutes: Aftermath," can be found right here. Clench your butts, people, because a lot of 'em are getting hurt.

Now that we've managed to keep this under wraps so well and finish the riff with no trouble at all, I'm confident to be able to open the NEXT one for public consumption as well. The double-feature riff of genralc45's "My Life in MLP" and Cwingham2's "The Search Of Equestia" (sic) is free for anyone to plop in and comment on, as I promised the circuit to be previously. Just type your stuff right into the doc as suggestions, and our editing team will go through and pick which ones will make the final cut next week.

That's right, next week. We're reworking the release schedule. You get your riffing dosage roughly every week. It'll be an alternation between one-shots one week and segments of a longer story the next. In addition, we will be putting up a poll once we finish this double feature, because the second one-shot for every month will be user-voted (details riiiiiight here). We have something... URGENT for the second multi-parter slot, so we can't really put that to a vote just yet.

Oh, and if any of you know of bad pony fics on FF.net, deviantART, Pony Fiction Archive, Archive of Our Own, or wherever the piss you go that's not here, pop a link in this sparkly fresh new thread to "submit" it. Works linked in this thread will be put forward as candidates for the poll if they're deemed riffable enough.

Anyway, how this'll all work. The schedule for July is as follows:

NOW: "My Life in MLP" by genralc45 AND "The Search Of Equestia" by Cwingham2 (linking again, you're welcome)
JUL 8: "The PER: Michelson and Morely - The Speed Of Right" by Chatoyance (PART 1)
JUL 15: An as-of-yet undetermined user-voted one-shot (under 15K words, for the sake of our sanity).
JUL 22: A terrible surprise that nobody wanted.

How's that sound, guys? A quick digest for the newcomers, another whack at the work of Chatoyance for those who didn't have the misfortune last time, and a story y'all pick yourselves. And also hell after that.

July 8 will be the end of this cycle, the start of the next, AND the poll for the one-shot. You get one week to do each thing, and since this means we're generating a lot more content than before, you can go ahead and participate at your discretion. This goes for our editors too: you guys don't HAVE to do every riff, and you also don't have to try to force your jokes if not many quality ones are coming to you. Let's try to strike that quality/quantity balance, 'kay?

One last thing: Ring's probably gonna be putting regular threads up prior to most riff releases, so if you wanna be kept better in the loop, join the Fan/fic/ Theater 3000 group if you haven't already (I already linked threads from there a bunch of times, you don't need ANOTHER one).

Alright, guys. Go nuts.

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After reading that, I suggest you to take several gallons of this...


How long do you think until she finds out and throws a hissy fit?

3208940 I'm surprised too. That's, like, the one huge thing we were worried about, and that's why we didn't say anything. Not that it matters NOW, since the deed's done, but still.

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