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Post 113 ~ Audrarius · 4:34pm Jul 1st, 2015

I love his art so much. :heart:

Also, how do I stop binge watching shitty anime?

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Hawt :heart:

Also, what is shitty anime? :pinkiesmile:

That is quite nice ^_^

It is pretty

I think what's clever is the fact he has irl horses in the same picture and it looks fine.

3197160 Dubbed anime. :heart:

You poor soul :pinkiesad2::heart:

3197170 alright then

It is easy to stop binge watching shitty anime Binge watch good anime! :trollestia:



Also, how do I stop binge watching shitty anime?

why the fuck would you ever want to

3197196 so that I don't become some scummy weeaboo cunt. :heart:

Gouge your eyes out.

Love the art, and the tags are hilarious.

To avoid watching shitty anime, you look at your tv or computer, and yell this at it.

If this does not work, then turn off your devices and walk away until you can find someone that can point you in the right direction of amazing anime.

By watching even shitter anime... It's like a fire, to much oxygen and it will burn it's self out.

Or something to that effect, Oh have ya fried fire?

Watch Hogan's Heroes

3197249 Tags aren't even funny. :rainbowlaugh:

3197316 I can watch Yu-Gi-Oh zexal! :pinkiecrazy:

3197325 damn that's some old shit. :heart:

3197408 Yu-Gi-Oh has fallen so hard as the years have gone by.

Neat art. As for the chinese cartoon addiction, you must kill yourself. It's the only way.

Why the tears? Killing yourself is only a temporary release. Soon after your death your soul will be resurrected by the Weeaboo deitys and forced to once again be addicted to anime.

There is no getting off Mr. Bone's wild ride, sadly. We are all trapped here forever.

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