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A little help maybe? · 12:30am Jul 1st, 2015

So I was spamming someone on Skype with complete gibberish by randomly bashing my keyboard and then something happened. Everything on my screen (everything - text, icons, the taskbar, etc.) has shrunken and is now really oddly proportioned, so much so that I can't look at my laptop without getting a killer headache.

I checked the screen resolution and nothing has changed, so I have no idea what I did. And unless I get this fixed, there's no way I can write - I can't type on anything but this laptop without making an amazing amount of errors.

Any ideas?

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Sorry I can't help, (ctrl +) maybe?:rainbowlaugh:

Right click on your desktop, hover your mouse over "View" in the menu that pops up, and click on either the "Medium Icons" or "Large Icons" option to see if that fixes the issue. Unfortunately, I'm not quite so versed in how to re-size the rest. Good luck!

Ummm, Best Buy Geek Squad?

put two fingers on the fingerpad next to each other then slide them outwards
works for me when my laptop acts up like that


That only works within the browser. Everything is completely off.

3195702 Sorry, I can't help from there.:applejackunsure:

Sorry... I don't know too much on computer problems...

Admittedly, I'm not so well versed in computer stuff (I'm a disgrace to nerds everywhere). I truly wish I could help. Sorry. :ajsleepy:


Darn it. :facehoof: Looks like I'll have to take yet another forced hiatus from writing.

Oh well. It was worth a shot.

Hmm. . . I've never heard of that type of problem before, so I wouldn't know what to do. . . (and it's taking everything I have not to say what I'm thinking)

3195736 Maybe get your parents to help?

3195817 I explained to my mom what a URL was yesterday and I'm the one who fixes her laptop all the time. :unsuresweetie:

3195823 That sucks. Well, I'm sure you'll figure out what's wrong eventually.

3195702 then how did you respond to my tip

3196160 I have this wonderful device called a smartphone. While it is useless for writing, it is a perfectly capable device for responding to comments.

3196294 i got a flip phone tha tcant do crap yay

First, you never said whether it's Win7 or Win8. I'm assuming it's Win8 since that's what all new hardware comes with now. (WHY?!)

Once you tell me what win ver you're using we can proceed.


Yeah, I thought it might have been win8, the worst OS since Millennium.

You'll have to go into Control Panel and restore defaults on all of your display items such as font, screen size, resolution, icon size. Just look for ever Restore Default thing you can find and click it. If you get it all everything should be fine after that.

3196904 Can't find the restore defaults buttons.

Do you think that upgrading to Windows 10 (once it comes out) will fix it?


No, but installing Win 7 would, if you're willing to do that

3196977 Not so sure about that. :applejackunsure:

Why would Windows 7 work but not 10?

Because 7 is an already proven OS which is stable and has an SP out, already. It's also a lot more flexible than 8. You can tweak the hell out of it, make it do whatever you want. Also, it doesn't chew up hard drives like 8. Finally, 10 isn't out yet so it's not proven and, when it is released, it'll most likely behave like any other first-release Microsoft product which is: buggy as hell and a real hair-ripper.

3197007 Ah, makes sense. Maybe I should just stick with Linux for now.


Hey, if you've got Linux and you're familiar with using it then I say go for it!

3197018 That's what I'll do. :twilightsmile:

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