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My Problem With Patreons · 6:09am Jun 30th, 2015

Before anyone thinks I'm being obnoxious, let me make this very clear: I have no issue with Patreon.

So you may be wondering, why the hell was that the title of your blog? Well, it wasn't— not really. I have a problem with Patreons, I don't have an issue with people using them. Let me explain.

See, I know there are a lot of artists out there who use Patreon as a means of making some money while doing what they love— art, in whatever form. I'm totally cool with that. People are willing to support them monthly, they get money out of the deal, and their patrons usually get something in return. The problem I mean is when people try to use Patreon when they're having time-specific financial issues and need some help in a quicker fashion.

Look, people run into trouble. It happens, and they could use support. HERE'S where my problem comes in— I don't think Patreon is the thing to be using if you need some immediate help. I saw quite a few of those on here recently, and I'm sure it happens elsewhere. There are a couple of people on this site that I honestly would have been happy to give some cash to if they needed it, but the only way they offered for them to get it was by supporting them on Patreon. I can't do monthly donations to stuff like that. I won't. I do it enough with subscriptions to Spotify, XBox Live, stuff like that. I can't keep keeping track of all of them. I would much rather give a larger one-time donation and call it a day. I also feel like a larger donation at one time might be easier for the person looking for help, but that's just my opinion— maybe smaller, consistent donations are someone's thing, but not me.

Do you guys remember Sean Rey? His family made a GoFundMe page that allowed people to do one-time donations for his medical bills. Sean has unfortunately passed away, but people are STILL contributing to the page. While you will find some small, monthly donations there, there are some pretty substantial one-time amounts. I feel like this is a perfect example of how the one-timers are a better way to get help.

This being said, for any of you that may see this that this applies to, if you need some monetary help, I'd suggest using GoFundMe, or if you're willing, give out a paypal address. There are probably others like me that would be willing to give one-time donations without committing to a monthly one. There might be other means of going about this, but those are the easiest ones I know of.

I wouldn't wish poor situations on anyone, especially because of all the ones I've had to deal with, and miraculously have not had to do these kind of GoFundMe campaigns, because I am a lucky bastard. But still, if you need help, you really should offer people a way to give a one-time donation. I think you'll find you'll get more support that way, just like Sean and his family did. People are probably also more willing to share campaigns if you can do one-time donations. I think "Here, give this person money every month and remember that you're doing it" is less likely to succeed than "Here, give this person some cash right now and then never worry about it again"— but again, just my opinion.

Okay, getting off the soapbox.

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It is a proper opinion. That is what gofundme is for, not Patreon.

I have a whole nother issue with Patreon... Like everything the idiots are ruining it.
*Steals Level Dasher's soapbox*
Especially in regards to content creators like videos and writers.
Patraon can be good and it can be bad. It is a way that some people can continue to produce what ever it they are doing (good Example is: Jimquisition after he left The Escapist) , however way to many people that have no business being on it. I don't have any links available, but I have seen people on it with ridiculous milestones and levels of rewards, with like only 1 $1 donator. I have seen a few where the video content stuff they make is basically held hostage (when they used to do them free quite often) until they get to a certain amount, then bitch when no one donates for like 2 months.

Can be good, Can be Bad... tread carefully.

*Throws the soapbox back in the corner of his page*

*Picks up soap box*

*turns soap box upside and writes the words 'Plz giv' on the front*

What? Fuck you two, I'm poor.


3194157 See, YOU could probably get away with a Patreon, but you've already said you won't be writing ponyfics anymore. Oh well.

I tried to set up a gofundme account, but got two letters wrong and ended up on a site that had a very nice lady who asked for my credit card before she'd turn on her cam.


But yeah, I get ya on that. I did look at setting up a patreon, back when I was still doing pony fic, but decided against it because, even though the money would be nice, writing would start to feel like an obligation, and I'd resent it for that.

S'why I am going to wait until I have a decent amount of the demo/game done before I go kickstarter. Because I am lazy, and I know if I get money for it, I will resent having to work.

So lazy.

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