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  • 515 weeks
    Only Took Three Months...

    Well, chapter 3 is done. Yeah, simple as that. Go read it, or something.

    Have a Spitfire

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  • 533 weeks

    Hello, and to all who may have forgotten me, I'm... never mind, you can just read it somewhere if you care at all. Anyways, if you're reading this, some time long ago you favorited a story called Fallout Equestria: Paragon. Well, I got bored of trying to write 50,000 words in one month, so I took a little break and got some progress cranked out on Paragon. Unfortunately, it was just the rewrite

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  • 533 weeks
    It's here!

    Well, a lot has been happening lately, if you haven't noticed. Season 3 is here! I've been waiting for that one all summer. But, the real reason I'm here right now is because my Paragon just passed 500 views. Yay!

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  • 534 weeks

    Ok, I have good/bad news, whichever way you want to take it. Some of you may have heard of this thing called Nanowrimo, and national novel writing month. Well, it looks like fun, and it seems like a good enough excuse to get this idea I've had out of my head and down on paper... well, except in computer form... and not on paper, but I think you get my point.

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  • 537 weeks
    A bit of nostalgia...

    A while ago (about 36 weeks ago, in fact), I had this idea for a story. I was directed here (fimfiction) by a good friend to try to start it out, and so I did. Then I tried to write it. Seems like an unimpressive story for how a story started, right? But then, A Chaotic Land was a pretty unimpressive story too. Well, I tried to write the story, but I was inexperienced, and I honestly had no idea

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I need some input · 3:48pm Jul 25th, 2012

So, I am currently working on the newest chapter of Fallout Equestria: Paragon, and I figured this chapter would be all, or at least mostly, about characterization. Now, I was going to focus on one specific character for this, but I figure I should see what you guys want, in stead of just assuming what you guys want. So, my question to all of you is: which character is your favorite? The choices are Razor, Crimson, and Paragon. I need to know! Have an unrelated picture.

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I like Crimson. He's cool.

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