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    let me tell y'all

    It truly is a dangerous business, going out your door

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  • 53 weeks

    So this is what I went to college for, huh

    SO! This weekend is BronyCon! I'll be there, and I hope you will be too!

    I'm going to be on two panels.

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    BronyCon Bookstore Inventory Survey

    In the words of the immortal RBDash47:

    Hey folks! If you could take a moment to fill out this survey, that would be very cool of you. I'd like to help all the authors who plan to make books available in Aquaman's Golden Oaks Bookstore booth at BronyCon get some idea of how many to stock there.

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    BronyCon Bookstore!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!


    There's something going on at BronyCon this year where people are bringing physical books of their fics to sell! I'm gonna to do this! Yeah!


    The question: does anyone care? I have a pretty good idea of what fics I'd include:

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    New Article: Neighborhood Security Apps Are Making Us Wildly Paranoid

    Hello friends! Just sending you this blog to plug a new article of mine, published today on The Outline, about security, paranoia, and why Amazon sucks.

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New Avatar · 5:36am Jun 29th, 2015

What the title says. First time in, what, two years now? Hell, remember when I had Nikki Minaj as an avatar? Those were strange times.

Ain't she purty? Thanks to Baekgup for being such an awesome artist.

Already uploaded one story this week. Two might be coming shortly. Stay tuned.

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Comments ( 1 )

remember when I had Nikki Minaj as an avatar

Truly the best of times :rainbowwild:

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