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Little Piece - MLP X One Piece - need help · 7:33pm Jun 28th, 2015

Hello there, every brony who actually sees this blog.

Inspired by "Avenging-Hobbits", who is re-creating the entire Marvel Universe with the cast of My Little Pony (go check him out, very good writer), I will re-create my second most favourite Anime series, One Piece, with the cast if My Little Pony. I don't consider myself a good writer, but it was just something where I thought: "It should be done, but nobody is doing it, so I will do it." See it as an incentive for better writers to start working on it.

Anyways, I have already thought of some characters to put in which role, but I can't quite picture some others. Feel free to leave suggestions for who you want to see be which character. Or leave your OC and his backstory and I'll see, if I can fit him or her in

I am from a not english speaking country and I am not very familiar with the english and japanese names, so I'll look them up, but I don't know if it really is correct. I apologize, if any mistakes have been made during this post.

So, here are my ideas. (I may change them eventually)

Monkey D. Luffy / Pinkie Pie
Roronoa Zoro / Rainbow Dash
Nami / Rarity
Usopp / Fluttershy
Sanji / Applejack, The Black Horseshoe
Chopper / Spike
Nico Robin / Twilight Sparkle
Franky / Sunset Shimmer
Brook / Zecora
Gol D. Roger / Starswirl the Bearded or Starswirl D. Bearded
Monkey D. Garp / Rosequartz D. Pie (Granny Pie)
Lady Alvida / Cherry Jubilee
Coby / Pipsqueak
Helmeppo / Diamond Tiara
Little girl who makes Zoro the rice balls / Scootaloo
Captain Morgan / Filthy Rich
Buggy the Clown / Party Favor
Jango / Vinyl Scratch
Kuro / Beauregard (OC with the german name, because I find it awesome)
Yasopp / Treehugger
Kuina / Quick Draw (my OC and avatar)
Zoros teacher / Daring Do
Johnny / Flitter
Yosaku / Cloud Chaser
Fullbody / Octavia Melody
Redleg Zeff / Granny Smith, The Red Horseshoe
Krieg / Flash Sentry
The fighting cooks of the Baratie / Apple family
Hawkeye Mihauk / Spitfire
Nojiko / Sugar Belle
Fish Men / Griffons
Smoker / Dan (from "Dan vs")
Tashigi / Derpy
Nefertari Vivi / Sweetie Belle
Sir Crocodile / Discord
Mister 3 / Cheese Sandwich
Wapol / Sombra
Dalton / Shining Armor
Dr. Kuleha / Cadence
Hiluluk / Snowdrop
Mister 2 / a Changeling (the transvestites will be changelings)
Ivancov / Chrysalis
Portugas D. Ace / Maud Pie or Commander Firebrand a.k.a. joshscorcher, if I get his "okay"
Corsa / Button Mash
Banana Crocodiles / Chimeras
Miss Doublefinger / Suri Polomare
Marshal D. Teach/Blackbeard / Luna/Nightmare D. Moon
Bellamy / Screwball
Doflamingo / Fluffle Puff
Spandam / Trixie Lunamoon
Sogeking / Flutterbat
Gecko Moria / Tirek
Bartholomew Kuma / Scorpan
Inazuma / Hidden Shadow (OC from a guy on youtube)
Whitebeard / Celestia

Yep that's everypony and their roles. Please give me your opinion on who you think should play who.

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