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No one is really a grown up. They just act old because they have to. - An anonymous little girl to her big sibling.

  • TA New Kind Of Party
    Two mares have found a new kind of party of the heart with one another, something the original party mare never thought she'd find and one the librarian never thought of before. Can they find the right balance to enjoy this new feeling? Find out
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I guessed the Party Cave! · 5:02pm Jun 28th, 2015


I totally got the fact that Pinkie Pie has a secret party cave right. I had said a long time ago (a year and seven months to be precise) that Pinkie had a super secret laboratory to make party stuff in. And now, it is cannon. A cannon party cave, with slide! Just like how there is a slide/tunnel for the one in NKP! Ahahahahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

I think I'll slowly start to add in things to help make it seem like the one in the show, though the location is different. Under Twilight's home........... actually, since it's long before the fight with Tirek, it could still be true. Mwahahahahahaha! :pinkiehappy: I got it riiight, I got it riiight!

Comments? Wanna talk about the episode itself? I'll have to add the newest information concerning Twilight and parties though. Maybe a moment of WHY she is afraid of quesadillas.

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