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What do you think b honest · 11:46pm Jun 27th, 2015

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Comments ( 31 )

You are white.


Jk. Honestly grey.

You mean to tell me you'd be okay with me having sex with you?

How about...yellow or orange?

You really remind me of that one song by Megan trainer. Dear future husband

It means your high maintenance

Hey I'm not the type of person who has the best luck with girls. After all, my last break up ended with the girl calling me an asshole and storming out. I'd date you for as long as you wanted

Comment posted by Blair Is A Queen deleted Jun 28th, 2015

Especially considering how I seem to be proving her right

3188005 whatevs, buh bye rood ur too meen to see my fabness

Didn't mean it to be rude. Just that you seem like the person who demands the best from a guy. And I'm not sure if I am the type of guy to do that anymore

3188011 i never asked u too marry me. I liek beinbg single and im not high maitrenamce

I'm certain I could see some of it if we did date. Although it would most likely be a one time deal

3188014 no thanks. Im stsyin single

So you mean I could call you shit and whore and stuff? You don't look for the best type of guy who will love and cherish you?

3188019 y u tryin to argue bout poop with me. I am stayin single. I can take care of my high maintenance

Well, good luck on your quest to stay single forever!

Although if you ever change your mind, lemme know:raritywink:

Okay then, screw me then.

3188052 i am not going to do the naughty with you!!!:flutterrage:

I never said do that!

White and grey I guess

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