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  • 255 weeks
    Realized something about season finale...

    The way it ended, it seemed like Chrysalis is on her own in her seeking of revenge. But, here's a thought for everyone: What about the changelings that were replacing everyone? They weren't there for the redemption. They're still out there, ready to serve her. Like those replacing the mane six, those replacing the princesses, and those replacing the crystal empire royal family.

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  • 283 weeks
    Dragon Culture Concept.

    The recent episode "Gauntlet of Fire" inspired my posting of this.

    In the show, it was revealed that there is a Dragon Lord. However, he seemed frustrated about having to follow the lore of the Dragon Lords in regards to choosing a successor.

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  • 289 weeks

    Seems the hernia is thankfully not a pressing emergency to where I need to be in the emergency room. But, still need to set up a surgery time in no more than 3 days to get it dealt with. Hopefully, financial aid I signed up for should handle it all.

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  • 289 weeks

    Another emergency circumstance.

    I've heard that if you can't push your hernia back in, you can die from it within 48 hours. ...and I just reached that point. So, emergency hospital visit for me, when we can barely pay the bills. May need aid from my grandma, depending on how that winds up financially.@_@

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  • 290 weeks
    Crisis BARELY avoided...

    My dad is serious that if my mom even mentioned what was getting him mad the following morning, he'd file for divorce since it meant she hadn't learned. But, she thankfully didn't. But, it's still on pins and needles.

    Right now, there's three main issues that my dad has with my mom. My mom said this morning she'll try to work on them.

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About Twilight's fear of Quesadillas from Party Pooped... · 5:38pm Jun 27th, 2015

You would think that such a fear is ridiculous, but I thought up a valid reason for it.

She seemed more focused not on the quesadilla itself, but on the fact that there was too much cheese. Meaning, it's the cheese that she feared, not the quesadilla itself.

Now, why would she have a fear of cheese? Well, having been from Canterlot gives the answer. Canterlot is a high society town, and therefore, foods like fondue are possible. And fondue is BOILING CHEESE. With that in mind, it's not too hard to imagine where she got a fear for cheese from.

At least, that's my headcanon for it.

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3187480 Precisely. Burning boiling cheese plus a young filly... yeah, I can see how that could cause a trauma against steaming hot cheese.

But it's just a theory. A GAME THEOR- wait this isn't Youtube.

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