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  • 134 weeks

    O o f.

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  • 199 weeks
    This is Blog.

    I briefly stopped by this old account of mine to see what was going on in the Fimfic-verse. Dang, there's still traffic on some of my old stories? My old, old stories... huh... neato.

    Anyway, like a groundhog to the desert surface, I'm dipping out. Just checking out how life is here on the website.

    But my stories still get traffic? Woah.

    -- Noakwolf

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  • 263 weeks
    Beyond a Single Year

    I had initially planned on making a brief post that reflected on the difference between where I was July 16, 2015 to July 16, 2016 with the intention to see just how far I've come in accomplishing the things I set out to do that year prior.

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  • 332 weeks
    I Did It.

    The new chapter is out for your viewing pleasure, along with the epilogue as well.

    Please, enjoy.

    I'll be posting my final thoughts in audio recordings tomorrow.

    Until then,

    - Noakwolf

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  • 333 weeks
    Progress Report (Posting Date.)

    Editing has gone a lot smoother than I had initially intended. Today I finished reading through the chapter for a second time. As far as the grammatical error program can see, along with myself, there isn't too much in the way of things I missed.

    (Though certainly there are a few that have passed underneath the radar.)

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Last Three Scenes · 4:34pm Jun 27th, 2015

Yes, I'm at that point in the chapter now. I'm finally coming to the inevitable conclusion. I just need to finish working on this action scene and we're golden. Because after that it should take me two through three days to complete the chapter.

Man, this is getting hard. The next blog you'll hear from me will be about the completed chapter.


- Noakwolf

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