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    So, I changed my name a bit.

    Now before you lot start thinking I've been getting into the rum, let me explain.

    So, as some of you remember, the last picture of me in the flesh I put up here about a year ago, and some of you commented even then that I looked like a pirate due to me growing my hair and goatee out.

    Well, I kept growing it and now, thanks to my Jewish blood, I literally look like Jesus.

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    Oh, Hey guys!

    (Blows dust off old account)

    Hey, y'all. Sorry I was gone for a bit.

    What'd I miss this time?

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On Southern Pride · 1:02am Jun 27th, 2015

Attention crew of the Moraine! Henceforth, we will be flying this flag o'er our glorious ship.

Now, those of ye not brushed up on yer history might not know what yon flag is. That, me lads and lasses, is the Bonnie Blue Flag, a sign of southern pride not associated with decades of racism. To give it's history briefly, this flag was flown during the Rebellion of 1810, in which a large part of the South ruled by the Spanish rebelled and created the Republic of West Florida, comprised of everything from modern day Pensacola to New Orleans along the Southern coastal plains. It remained independent until annexed to the U.S. a few months later. The flag, however, has stayed as a mark of the South.

Why adopt this flag? Well, yer Captain be Southern, lads and lasses, and with this recent dust up o'er the confederate flag, I needed to make a distinction. I'm not a racist. Any man or woman worth their salt is welcome in my crew. However, I wanted to remind ye all that I'm still proud of me heritage and can dissever it from the racist connotation of that other flag.

At any rate, that be all. As ye were, folks.

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Comments ( 5 )

Holy crap you're back! I though you said you were leaving for good!

Been getting that a lot. :twilightsheepish:

I came back. Made a blog post here.

Nice to see you back King, the only thing you missed was a kick ass 100th episode, and the final nail in Spike's coffin

Oh also

Do you remember why we joined this fandom three years ago? It wasn't for the show; it was good, but had the show been the only factor you probably wouldn't have been involved. It was the people. It was the fans whose fervor to appreciate the show. It was the artists who crafted stories and music and visual art worthy of professionals for not a single dime, but only for love of the show.

Reason why I love this fandom

Yeah, I heard something about that. Haven't watched any of Season Five yet (Who knows, it might get me actively watching again) but I'm going to at least see what the fuss was about.

Also, Precisely. I travelled across the internet in my absence and nowhere else did I find a fiction writing community as fun as you guys. :twilightsmile:

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