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Always gonna love Aj. Im just a silly guy. Hope to be friends with anyone who wants to be mine. if not, that's still fine. Just enjoy your life for yourself K?

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  • 103 weeks
    My birthday was a few days ago

    Apologies everyone. Forgot to say i turned 20 three days ago. -w-. Its been very stressful the past few days. But that's Normal. Hope everyone here is doing okay. I miss you all my friends. *hugs* I'll keep being up to date. And soon i'll finally get started with a job. haha.

    Keep on going everybody! :)

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  • 110 weeks
    Update, How people see the world.

    Update on me: hello people. my birthday is coming up and im gonna be turning 20 in 2 months. which is soon. But what im here to do is tell you all that my stories.. Yeah. I've practically stopped writing stories. Can't get the enthusiasm or interest to do anymore. I apologize for letting down anybody. Its just that life is getting to be too much, and i can't focus on really making stories at the

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  • 131 weeks
    Gonna start fresh

    Im gonna leave all the stories behind me ive been doing, and start a new and fresh with different ideas, and stories that i have in mind instead. I've improved a lot, and feel like it's just for the best for me at this point. ...and im hoping it will work out for me, and all of you as well!

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  • 133 weeks
    Rip. Need to do things...

    Jesus life's a pain. Apologies for not being on so much. Life is just annoying. I'll try to be updated with life, and do stories more again soon. Its just complicated rn, SOrry guys and girls! I promise to uh....Be more alive here. Lol.

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  • 144 weeks


    Just one of them, ....kinda mehish. oh well for me...I'll live, but ...it sucks to feel like this, most the day. ugh....

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alley-oop · 9:29pm Jun 26th, 2015

Go on, put your sentence in the color you think about me XD

Report Super57 · 169 views · #Interesting indeed
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Comments ( 19 )

Orange (In a non-gay way)


Hot Pink

3184520 *blushes*

Oh my.....:twilightsheepish:


*Slowly tip-toes away*


*Laughing at the scene from the window in your house*


3184549 Actually.......*Grabs Venus*

Get over here you. :heart:


*Still watching while furiously masturbating as you two go at it*

Yeelow and yes the typo here is actually intentional

R.I.P headphone users.

3184792 That wasn't intentional I did it by accident and decided to make fun of it. But wait? What about Purple Guy from FNAF? Come to think of it that almost spells the initials of PG. Is PG/Purple Guy Me in the past?

But wait

PGY are three letters.

A triangle has three corners

Purple Guy or PG is part of the Illuminati.

Illuminati comfirmed

3184804 S'all right.


Oh wait that's not on the list......


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