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Can't believe I'm almost 21... So much has changed and almost nothing has stayed the same, I miss the old days... Nearly 5 year anniversary on this site.

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  • 100 weeks
    Just what's happened since 5/10/16

    Recent events:
    -Finally got a job
    -Single again
    -went to ichiboncon
    -didn't have Christmas again
    -Got roasted by a standup comedian bout being a boy Irvin by "choice"
    -met a guy whom I'm clicking with pretty well, and his name is Casper.
    -Coincidentally it snowed on my birthday (1/7/98) for the first time in awhile

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  • 133 weeks
    So, why me ?

    What was the reason for following me ?

    I just think about how I've done little to nothing to really contribute to this fandom and website.

    So again, why me ?

    3 comments · 232 views
  • 135 weeks
    Fallout Equestria Hype train has just been derailed !!

    Sweet celestial gumdrops, Somber just updated Project Horizons with 10 all new chapters !!! And each chapter is over 20K words !!!!

    Bookworm Mode Initiated

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  • 137 weeks
    Another Advertisement for our live stream

    Hey guys, if you want to come over and watch, or play with us, come join at This Link Thing. Right here. Ya this. just one click away from being there.

    Again my username is ButtonnMASH, in the stream.
    If you want to come join us in one of the games we will be playing, just say so in the chat, and we'll see what games we have incommon.

    Read More

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  • 137 weeks
    Live stream advert...

    Halo 5: road to Mythic Warzone REQ pack

    Come join the stream.
    Me and my friend Chase are playing Team Arena, for achievements and REQ points to get the new REQ pack.
    My Twitch name is ButtonnMASH, and I'm a moderator on the stream.

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New art. · 2:29pm Jun 26th, 2015

Here is my new piece of art that I have been working on off and on for two days.

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Comments ( 4 )

This is awesome. :rainbowkiss:

That's awesome! I can't draw with pen if my life depended on it! :pinkiegasp:

3183724 I used a mix of black ink pin, lime green, black, and blue prismacolor fine-tip markers. I used a pencil to start out the lines on the horn and face and just used the black marker for the solid color.
Also for my signature I used pencil to make the initial sign then covered it over with a orange prismacolor fine-tip marker.

3184209 I'm great with pencil but thats about it. I tried inking one of my lapse sketches and everyone turned into paranormal activity monsters :facehoof:

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