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Hi there! I decided to change my bio to a sexy inspirational quote! Everyone wants happiness, no one want pain, but u can't have a rainbow without a little rain :') follow & get hugs+cookies! *huggle*

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  • 406 weeks

    BanditTheDog HUGGED ME.

    LIKE WHAT?!?! AM I IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE?! A UNIVERSE IN WHICH BANDIT SHOWS HIS FEELINGS?!?! I was so touched:raritydespair: but then again it would have meant more if he did it without me asking him to...:applejackunsure:

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  • 407 weeks
    Sorry everyone.

    Sorry that I've been so inactive lately everyone.

    My dog passed away. I won't go into detail as it will take too long, but yeah, that's kinda why I haven't been on for such a long time. Thanks for always being there for me though, you're all such loving and supporting people :)

    So, how is everyone? What have you all been up to?

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  • 411 weeks
    Really sad :(

    My 12-year old dog has been unwell for a while now, she's really quite and depressed, and isn't behaving normally. My mum took her to the vet today, which I only found out when I came home from school. I thought we would be picking her up later on, and I asked when, and she said she may or may not survive or may be put down, which I didn't even know! so idk if she's coming back later now or not,

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  • 412 weeks
    Meow. Thats me being a cat. a copycat.

    so gimmie a number!

    and also tell me how you're doing, its been a while!

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OMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! MY IRL FRIEND IS ON HERRREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! HIS NAME IS FINLAYyes finlay I just told everyone your name HA AND HE'S FUCKING FABULOUS MAINLY COZ HE'S GAY. so...yeah. awwww and I wuv him so much everyone plz plz plz follow him his so lovely and clueless and evil. so evil. he made my cry fangirl tears (tears of fangirlyness) :raritydespair: but he's amazing! and one of my besties! AND YEAH. I DO have friends other than you guys. SO HA IM NOT A LONER. VIRTUAL PROOF.
facts about fin:
he is so bloody obsessed with japan, anime, Japanese culture, kpop, jpop, ext
likes twaimz, joey graceefafafsdjfhsfkiehkhrdthingy, tyler okley, & other fabulous people
loves the band perfume
has apparently eaten his own sperm jk
im his only friend not jk
he's smexy loooolololol 100% jk

Here's a crappy link that u will have to copy and paste into the search bar coz I cant link...anything

waitwaitwait! :pinkiegasp:I just clicked on my post and the link DOES WORK! omg I can internet! :raritystarry: first link that ever woked im so proud of me!

and for some bloody reason he only appeared if I was using bing. so, im sorry google.

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That moment you know my friends don't like ponies. *Sigh*

3181147 I know how you feel.

3181147 *small gasp* sorry to hear that.... *pats on back*

Oh ho ho I'm am the most hottest dough

3181185 oh no no no im always the hottest dough

3181158 *cuddles leg* ;n;

3181198 *picks up and snuggles*

I think we all know I'm the hottest.

3181215 I would argue buut....... youre right

3181220 daw *gives cookie*

3181220 Cappy will be the hottest plus nicest male.
3181215 No timeout
3181192 Bruh *Rips off shirt* look at des muscle.

3181236 I'm going to hurt you XD
Wait isn't cappy the girl with the very nice brother or is that the brother...?

3181236 daaaaaaannnnngggg

but bruh, I saw steam coming of max's

just saying

3181253 first time u ever won against me

3181229 *nons on cookie* :3)

3181256 Have you seen max muscle? He really buff. Muscle of doom!

3181265 now it is my turn to win.

3181270 *fangirls* irk!!! hehehehahahahahhahaHAHAHAHHAHAH

3181275 I am not a rapist

3181273 psshh yeah, right

3181265 Yes feels so nice to win for once. ;DDDDDD

3181287 hahaha aww *hugs*

3181284 But on troll song

3181299 yooouuuvvvee been trolled you've been trolled, oh you've probably been told, don't reply to this guy, he's just trying to get a rise out of you, yes its true, youre reply, is his que, to start trouble on the double, while he strokes his manly stubble

3181308 Dat song good old times ahhhh~

3181301 hahah! glomps? XD

3181312 Oh I love Glomps they are like a really weird type of hugs except the guy tackle the girl. Instead of a girl tackling a guy.

3181312 Shhh just let it happen.
Btw=Remember I show you the nicest guy well there the nicest sister aka cappy we just have to wait for her brother.

3181314 :D *Gets in go kart.*

3181311 irk! though I only realised a few months ago that its to the tune 'be our guest' from beauty and the beast!

3181322 daaww I love those too! :D

3181328 hahah okay!

ohhh yeah I remember that :D wow, okay, cant wait to meet him !

3181343 *jumps in other go kart* whooo

3181546 Really?! Wow. XD

3186469 eheh... yeah:twilightblush:

3192871 what??.....hmm.....

okay! :D

3197049 You shall feel this giant dick break your anus.

3197058 O_O woah! okay then XD

3197058 You are giant like Mack

3197063 hey come join! threesome

3197067 But Thunder dick is giant mine is just big xD

3197062 nah only you two should. XD

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